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Travel Team Uniforms

MYS Travel teams purchase new uniforms every two years, as manufacturer products have a life availability of typically 2 years. For the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons, required items at the club level for players are: Green jersey, White Jersey, Black shorts (there was not a color match with the Green jersey this cycle), White shorts, Green socks, White socks, and Navy training jersey. Check with your team/coach for any other items they may specify as required. Other items that are recommended but not required are black training shorts and socks, warmups, goalie jerseys, sweatshirts, black training jersey, soccer bag, etc... Uniforms are ordered by each player directly through

Team Fundraising Information


Travel Teams who are interested in team fundraising opportunities should make sure to review this information and complete the appropriate steps below.


- Team fundraising opportunities may or may not require the use of the club FEIN (501c3) number. If the particular organization with whom you are working requires the FEIN, please review the FEIN guidelines below. If you do NOT need the FEIN number, PLEASE still complete the steps below.

- Concessions Sales at Local Fields: If a team wishes to sell concessions at a local field, permit applications must be submitted through the club. Please allow for at least 3 weeks, and contact [email protected] for details.

- FEIN Guidelines: The purpose of this notification is to establish the use of McLean Youth Soccer's FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) in club, program, team, and other fundraising functions. Requests to use the FEIN will be made prior to the event taking place and approval must be obtained before any advertising materials are published (please use the form provided below)

MYS will only authorize use of their FEIN when the intention and communication to a potential donor(s) is that all donated funds are going directly to and benefitting McLean Youth Soccer (the entire club). All donated funds will be considered MYS funds and will be appropriated on an 'as need' basis. Programs and/or teams wishing to receive donated funds will submit a request to the MYS Executive Director to petition funds for their specific need.

Note this includes most 'corporate' fundraising such as restaurant events, volunteering at Jiffy Lube Live, raffles, etc. The purpose of this policy is not to hamper fundraising efforts by specific programs or teams, but to ensure we are within Virginia state and federal laws.


Step 1: Team submits this form outlining basic plans and notifying the club of their plans. Please complete one form for each event -Fundraiser Request Form

Step 2: Team awaits approval from club leadership for the submitted fundraising proposal. (If you have not received a response within 7-10 days, please email [email protected] to follow-up).

Step 3: Team holds fundraising event.

Step 4: After fundraising event, teams complete this form to report results of fundraiser and/or request the funds (if team is using the club's FEIN) -


Team Administrator Information

Thank you for helping the club and your team by volunteering to be the team administrator for your McLean Youth Soccer travel team. The McLean Youth Soccer staff is here to support your efforts. Please become familiar with the various staff members, and never hesitate to ask a question. The youth soccer world is increasingly complex, and the club strives to provide constant assistance and support for the teams and members.

It is very important to always ask the staff for assistance when needed. Many team administrators form great bonds over shared responsibilities and shared frustrations. However, unfortunately, sometimes misinformation can be readily distributed among team managers. Never hesitate to email or call the Travel Administrator to get clarification or information about ANY situation or question.


  • Your coach will need to fill out the Volunteer response form sent to them by the Travel Administrator. Check with your coach to make sure that step has been done so the Travel Admin can start communicating with you about preparing your team for the season. 

  • Familiarize yourself with some important websites including,, other league websites as applicable. 


The travel team administrator works with the team and other organizations to provide support for the various levels of registration required of a travel soccer team:

State Association (VYSA)

Work with club rep/travel admin
Familiarize yourself with registration system
Print out team's official roster and player passes
Work with Travel admin to add, transfer and release players as requested by coach and/or players

League Registration (CCL, NCSL)

Club Rep handles team registration with the league
Club Rep will communicate with manager about league registration
Administrators may be required to attend pre-season meetings as required by leagues

Club Registration (MYS)

In the Fall and Spring Seasons, individual players must directly register through
Team administrator should confirm individual player registration prior to completing State registration process
Player Registration can be checked the Team Directory page in Sports Connect


The Travel Team Administrator's primary roles and responsibilities are:

  • Liaison for the team (i.e. between coach and team, between team and club rep for the league, etc)
  • Representative of the club and of the team to outside parties (i.e. opponents)


The Administrator is the primary contact for the team with regard to communications with the team and its opponents throughout the season. Examples of such communication include:

  • Weekly Team Communications through email or GameChanger App including weekly email with upcoming schedule, and last minute communications
  • Provide Support to club, team and coach (i.e. when requested, relay club information to players, etc.)
  • Game Day Responsibilities (if not delegated to another volunteer- see below for specifics)


Managing the various activities for a travel soccer team can be complex depending on the age and competition level of the team. It is highly recommended that a team administrator work with the team coaching staff to identify the needs of the team, and find parent volunteers to delegate some of these needs.

Examples of travel parent volunteers:

  • Treasurer - Develop and implement a budget for the age group teams (if triplet team) or team. Work with MYS finance team to gain access to the team checking account, send communication about collecting player team fees (extra team expenses that are not covered by MYS club fees that are collected with the payment portal), and handle reimbursements and payment for team expenses. The treasurer is responsible for reporting a summary of the age group's financials at the seasonal parent meetings. This is a year-long position. *REQUIRED position for each team.
  • Social Committee Coordinator - Each team should have a representative to serve on this committee, but the more the merrier and the lighter the work. The committee will plan a player/family social function or party each season, as well as, at least one parent only social function. A budget should be submitted to the Treasurer to ensure there are funds to cover costs (this prevents the repeated requests for $5 to $10). The committee will solicit additional volunteers, as needed to host and/or bring things to the parties.
  • Uniform Coordinator - This volunteer provides a spreadsheet to the club with roster details for the team. They help to assign individual jersey numbers (at the direction of the coach), and work with the Travel Admin to have personalized emails sent by to each family.
  • Team Communications Manager - Submit news of teams' and players successes to MYS and local newspapers. Any and all shutterbugs are encouraged to take pictures of the teams during games and "team" shots at tournaments and games.
  • Tournament Coordinators - Work with the coach, team admin and team treasurer to register for and handle prep work for teams' participation in tournaments. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to tournament application, registration, online or on-site check in, organizing hotel/accommodations, coordinate team dinner if desired, purchase MPS travel patches for exchanging at tournaments. Maintain record of teams' tournament participation and results. This is an on and off volunteer position throughout the year.
  • MPS Tournament Representative (U9-U19 teams) - This volunteer will work with the MPS Tournament Director to identify team responsibilities in support of the MPS Tournament. Then, work with the team to fill those responsibilities at the tournament.
  • Travel Coordinator - Work with the coach to identify team travel needs, including in support of any out of town tournaments. Collect information about ground or air travel, lodging and other team needs, make reservations, and communicate with team.
  • Game Day Supplies Coordinator - This volunteer will initially put together a first aid kit for the team (to be reimbursed from team funds) and bring it to and from each game. Throughout the season the First Aider will replenish the kit as needed. May also order a portable bench and/or tent for the team (to be reimbursed from team funds) and bring it to and from each game. Check with teams previous team admin and/or the coach to see what supplies are available to be passed down each season.
  • Other possible positions: College Brochure Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator, Risk Management Coordinator, Winter Program Coordinator.


  • Team administrators should not communicate directly with the county, the league or state association unless directed by the club representative
  • Team administrators do not make roster decisions or playing time decisions
  • Team administrators do not coach players on the sidelines
  • Team administrators do not take action without the head coach direction or approval


McLean Youth Soccer has implemented a number of important policies and procedures to support our members and to continually strive to provide the best environment for the development of our athletes.

All members should regularly review the policies.


League registration varies greatly between leagues. Please check with the Travel Administrator to review requirements for your team's league. The following information should be collected for all players. It is easiest if this is collected in a spreadsheet. There are some great resources on the web to collect information and generate spreadsheets (i.e. Wufoo).

Basic information to collect for all players:

  • Full name (as on birth certificate)
  • Parents' names
  • Street address
  • Phone numbers (home and cell)
  • Email addresses (good to have at least a couple)
  • Was the player born outside the U.S.?
  • Jersey number (or jersey number preferences

Other info: some leagues may require code of conduct, medical release, etc. Check with Travel Administrator for league-specific requirements.


  • Contact opponents to confirm directions and uniform colors
  • Communicate game day instructions to team (i.e. field directions, uniform colors, field changes, etc.)
  • Bring Team binder to game - official roster, communication roster, player passes, sideline passes, medical release forms, codes of conduct
  • Bring additional jerseys, shinguards, as needed
  • A communication roster should have all numbers for coaches, trainers, managers, players, as well as important club numbers (administrator, fields, league rain hotline)
  • Cautions and Ejections - Sit Out Cards - it is the administrator's or game day manager's responsibility to keep track of cautions and ejections received by the team throughout the season. These should be submitted to the club through this form.
  • For home games, please be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled game time and ensure that the field is lined, flags are in place and goals are anchored. If there are any issues please text MYS Fields at 240-988-1907.


The McLean Youth Soccer Travel Program has a network of staff to support its members. A chain of communication has been established to help address member's issues or concerns. In the event that a parent, player or member has a technical or administrative issue or concern, please follow the process below. If a resolution is not identified, please move to the next level of escalation. Please allow for a reasonable response time.

  • First Level of Escalation: Team Coach (technical); Team Administrator (administrative)
  • Second Level of Escalation: Age Group Director or Travel Administrator ([email protected])
  • Third Level of Escalation: Technical Director ([email protected])
  • Fourth Level of Escalation: Executive Director, Louise Waxler ([email protected])

For additional questions about other club policies (including team fees, risk management, etc), please contact [email protected] For fields questions (field scheduling, field use, etc.), please contact [email protected]



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