New Grade 8 REFEREE CLASS - October 12/13
Posted Feb 1, 2018


If you know of anyone who wants to become a new Grade 8 referee, a new referee class has just been announced/posted:
26955 - 2019 North - New Grade 8 Online Combo

Date / Time Location Grades Registered• Fri, Oct 12  6:00pm - 9:00pm• Sat, Oct 13  1:00pm - 4:00pm• Fri, Oct 19  6:00pm - 9:00pm
WITTER FIELD1108 JEFFERSON ST,2660 WITTER DRIVEALEXANDRIA VA  Official: New, 12, 09 Cost: $ 70.00

URL:  https://vadcsoccerref-training.gameofficials.net/public/class/classRegister.cfm?classID=26955
Clinic is scheduled 66:00-9:00 PM Oct. 12, 2018 1:00-4:00 pm Oct. 13 & 6:00-9:00 PM OCT. 19 2018. Must attend all sessions completely and complete all the online modules with a score of 100% before the clinic to attend the clinic. To access the online modules, log in as you did to sign up for the clinic, select your clinic under Confirmed Reg, then click "Load Session Tracker." Select each of the sessions for each of the online modules. 

Venue ContactName:   JESSE ROSENTHALEmail:   globalprisms@yahoo.com**Oct. 12 will be at Witter Field, October 13 and 19 will be at the ASA Clubhouse. 

Referee Assignor for McLean Youth Soccer - Tarey Houston

As a reminder, Tarey Houston is MYS' soccer referee assignor.. Tarey has over 11 years experience assigning referees to NCSL, plus CCL, SFL, ECNL, Super Y, and Recreational (plus various local tournaments) games. As a club, MYS will allocate to Tarey matches for the following MYS leagues/tournaments: CCL, ECNL, EDP, Recreation and SFL games as well as any MYS Tournaments.

In March (and then again in mid-August) Tarey will begin making pre-assignments for that season's MYS games. Don't forget to contact Tarey to request her www.gameofficials.net group code so you can be added to her online referee group. Once you join Tarey's group, you will begin receiving emails with a list of open MYS games, and this is the system where you will be assigned your MYS games. Tarey can be reached at tareyassignor@aol.com.

Want to Become a Certified Soccer Referee?

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a certified soccer referee (or want to re-certify), contact Tarey (at tareyassignor@aol.com). Before each season begins, Tarey will coordinate a new Grade 8 referee (and a re-certification) class to be held at the McLean Community Center (address is: 1234 Ingleside Avenue, McLean, VA):

Upcoming classes:

Each year, MYS expects to host two referee classes in January or February, as well as sometime in August. You can check for any upcoming referee classes, by clicking this link:


To register for this course, please Click Here to sign up.

For new referees: Tarey will also manage MYS' new referee registration fee rebate program. If you attend a referee class, become certified, and work 20 or more MYS Recreation (REC) games (with a maximum of five being MYS tournament games) by the one year anniversary of you first becoming a certified referee, you will be eligible for a one-time payment reimbursement of $70.

Want to be Assigned MYS Games?

Tarey utilizes www.gameofficials.net as her online referee assigning tool. This is where you will find the list of available MYS games and how you will be assigned games. You will need to join Tarey's www.gameofficials.net group to have access to this information. If you are already certified, please contact Tarey (at tareyassignor@aol.com) for the instructions on how join Tarey's online referee group. Closer to the start of each season, you can opt to be pre-assigned games for the entire season or you can pick up games from the weekly available game lists that Tarey will post and send by email. If you need instructions on how to use the www.gameofficials.net system, Tarey can provide them.

Generally, below is the procedure that Tarey uses to make referee assignments:

1) At the beginning of the season, Tarey will request your availability via email through the www.gameofficials.net system. This is your opportunity to let Tarey know specifically when and where you are available to be assigned games. Note: You can opt to be pre-assigned games for the entire season (or just the specific dates you indicate on the form). You can also decide to pick up available games from her emailed list of open games week by week.

2) Based upon the collective emails that Tarey RECEIVES from you, she will make pre-assignments before the season begins.

3) If there are holes in the schedule AFTER she sends out those assignments, she will follow up with additional emails to get those holes filled. At this point, games are usually assigned in the order that Tarey receives requests by email [as long as the referee requesting the game(s) is qualified and has the level of experience]. To increase your chances of being assigned the games you want, when replying to Tarey's emails to request games, always send more than one game set choices in one email.

Tarey Houston can be reached as follows:

Email: tareyassignor@aol.com

Phone: 301-702-2771

4 Myths of the Game

The 4 most misunderstood fouls in soccer and a quick lesson on what a goalkeeper can do. This 6 slide introduction is meant to help someone who is new to soccer or someone who wants a quick refresher guide on a few rules so that they can understand why a referee calls AND DOES NOT call a certain foul. Enjoy!

Myths of the Game