Referee Assignment Procedures

If you are a certified referee and want to be assigned games in McLean, contact our USSF Assignor Tarey Houston, who is assigning McLean Youth Soccer House (REC) games; ODSL home games; and SFL home games in Northern Virginia. Tarey Houston will also assign McLean's ECNL and EDP home games.

Please contact Tarey Houston (at to receive the group code for her online referee database. Once you join Tarey's group, you will begin receiving emails with a list of available games, and this is also the system where you will be assigned games.


NOTE: You can opt to be pre-assigned games for the entire season (or only the dates you specify).

1) Tarey Houston will send out emails with the list of available games.

2) Click REPLY to let Tarey know which games you want to be assigned.

3) Based upon the collective emails that Tarey receives from you, she will make the assignments.

4) If there are holes in the schedule after Tarey sends out those assignments, she will follow up with additional messages.

At any time, you can check for the list of available games. Then send Tarey an email requesting those games.