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Club Registration for Travel Team Members - Spring 2014

Club Registration is now open for Travel Team members.  Please click on the green "REGISTER" button to begin the process.

Travel players cannot register until they have been offered and have accepted a roster spot from the team's technical staff.  You must know your team designation in order to register.

CLUB FEES:  Please review the chart of seasonal fees below.

ADDITIONAL FEES:  In addition to the club fees, teams will also have team fees to cover individual team costs.

If you have any questions about the fee structure, please email traveladmin@mcleansoccer.org


Fees listed below are "early" registration price for families who sign up by January 15.  Before January 31, prices will be increased by $25.  And another $25 after February 1.

2013-2014 - Travel Registration Fees - Non ECNL Teams

Age Group Green White Gold
U8 Juniors $465 / season n/a n/a
U9 - U12 Boys and Girls $961 / season $961 / season $ 961 / season
U13 - U16 Boys $1036 / season $961 / season $ 736 / season
U13 - U16 Girls $1036 / season $811 / season $ 736 / season
U17 - U18 Boys and Girls $1036 / season $811 / season n/a

2013-2014 - Travel Registration Fees - ECNL Teams

Age Group ECNL
U13 - U18 G $1136 / season

2013-2014 - Travel Registration Fees

MYS Travel fees cover the following areas:

  • MYS membership registration fee
  • MYS Coaching Fees
  • League Fees
  • VYSA/Insurance Fees
  • County Fees


The following list of team expenses are not covered by the new registration system, and a team-specific collection and payment process should be managed directly by the designated team officials.

  • Uniforms and accessories
  • Tournament Entrance Fees
  • Tournament Travel Expenses for coaches (and players)
  • Winter Indoor League Fees
  • Patches/Pins
  • All other fees and expenses not explicitly covered by the current system (e.g team parties, coach gifts, etc.)

Travel Program Expenditures - 2013

This chart shows how Travel program revenue (including registration & uniform fees, tournament revenue, and restricted donations) has been spent on average (FY2011-13).  Direct program expenses consume more than 81% of program revenue and include: financial aid to members; labor for coaches, trainers, technical staff and referees; league fees; field fees paid to Fairfax County and rent; credit card fees; player uniforms and gear; and registration systems and supplies.  The remainder of the fees are used to cover club common costs including: labor cost for registration, administration and management; field maintenance and equipment; office costs; and the largest component, development of new fields.  Since FY 2008, MYS has spent $4.8 million on new field development at Spring Hill Rec Center, Linway Terrace Park, and Lewinsville Park.  MYS's financial statements and tax returns can be found on our website at Home, About Us, Financials.  Questions regarding MYS financial matters can be directed to the club Treasurer at treasurer@mcleansoccer.org.