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Field Policies

Important Safety Information for All MYS Members, Staff and Players


  • Only registered MYS players may participate in practices, games, and training as others are not covered by MYS insurance (exception: official tryouts, registered guest players).  No parents, no siblings, no friends, no classmates, etc. should participate. 
  • Only registered MYS coaches that have completed their Kid Safe registration may supervise a practice, game, or training as others are not covered by MYS insurance.   No exceptions.

Field Conditions and Equipment

  • Ensure that goals are anchored.  Don’t let any kids climb on/move goals. 
  • Inspect the field and goals before ALL practices and games (e.g., debris on field, playing surface issues, etc.).  Report unsafe conditions to fields@mcleansoccer.org. 
  • Check the MYS website for field closures before every practice or game.
  • Don’t practice in goal mouths or other wet/over-used areas of grass fields. 
  • Share fields with other permitted users. 
  • Pick up trash after practices/games.  Encourage use of re-useable water bottles.


  • Lightning/Thunder – IMMEDIATELY move kids off field to shelter (i.e building or cars - not under trees or in parking lots).  Do not return until 30 minutes after last lightning seen or thunder heard.
  • Heat – Frequent water/shade breaks in heat; shorter and less intense drills.
  • Cold – Dress appropriately.  Avoid exposed skin and rapid chilling after exertion.


  • Never leave a child/children unattended/unescorted (even teens – use buddy system). 
  • Avoid situations where a coach is alone with a player. 
  • Do not tolerate any bullying or intimidation by or of your players.
  • Communicate any concerns you have to team parents/club officials immediately. 


  • Know/administer basic first aid. 
  • Learn about concussions (http://www.cdc.gov/concussion/HeadsUp/youth.html).
  • Call 911 if the injury is serious (e.g., head, neck, back, bone fractures, etc.). 
  • Protect the child from further injury – use good judgment.
  • Provide pre/post practice/game warm up and cool down activities.
  • Require appropriate gear - shinguards are required for all practices and games.

McLean Youth Soccer - Field Allocations

PRACTICE SLOT ALLOCATIONS – Regular (season and preseason) practice slots will be allocated at the beginning of each season to MYS teams.  All practice requests received by the practice request deadline for that season will be processed based on the following priorities outlined below.  Practice requests received after the deadline will be handled on a first-come, first served basis

MYS Programs
“MPS Teams” (by descending age order)

U18 – U13

Travel Teams (by descending age order)

U18 – U13

Travel Teams (by Descending age order)

U12 – U9

Rec leagues (by descending age order)

Although these are guidelines, the field committee reserves the right to adjust these policies based on the fields allocated by the county or as the needs change.

Travel teams and SFL will be allocated up to two practice slots weekly, House teams will be allocated one practice slot each week. Teams requesting extra practice slots will not have those slots allocated until all teams have received their practice assignment.

Responsible Use of Public Facilities

As members of the McLean community who enjoy the privilege of using County fields for our games and practices, it is essential that we always respectful of the property rights and privacy of those homes that border the fields and the other people who also use the parks and schools.  Accordingly, it is essential that MYS members observe the following code of conduct for all the fields used by our members.

  1. Never trespass on private property to gain access to a field. It is better to be a few minutes late than to violate another person’s property rights.
  2. Minimize the noise levels during warm-ups for early morning games and late evening practices.  Use of horns, wooden clappers, sirens, power megaphones and other noisemakers is prohibited at all times.
  3. Use public toilets or Port-A-Jons. The alternative is frankly uncivil.
  4. Leave the field free of all trash at the end of a game or practice, even if some of it was there from the group before. This includes bottles, caps, athletic tape, food wrappers, etc. It is a simple matter to police the field before leaving.
  5. Use legal parking spaces, even if it requires a longer walk to the field.

We need to establish a high standard of respect for the environment, the neighbors and the other users of the park and school fields.  All of these codes of conduct will help educate our children to be responsible adults and enhance our relationship with the neighbors who share our community.

Coach Code of Responsibility

MYS gains use of the fields by permits granted from the Fairfax County Park Authority. MYS is responsible for monitoring and closing the fields. Regardless of whether a field is officially closed by the FCPA at 3 PM or MYS (via this website or the hotline), it is still YOUR responsbility to monitor field conditions and stay off if conditions warrant. Because this website and the hotline are usually not updated after 3 PM on weekdays and 7 am on weekends, you must help us follow the FCPA guidelines. The FCPA guidelines: fields are closed if you can see standing water on a field, hear a "squishing" sound when you walk, or water puddles around your shoe when you step.