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Team Jobs

Age Group and Team Volunteer Opportunities


Age Group Manager

The role of the Age Group Manager (AGM) is to serve as the primary liaison between the coach and the triplet teams, MYS, MPS/MYS Travel Administration, the respective travel league club reps, and MYS Fields. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to, seasonal and special field requests/permits, team registration, tryout announcements, communications to all team families (OneCallNow or e-mail communications as directed by Coach), and helping to organize and/or coordinate other team activities with other volunteers, including Parent Team meetings. This is a year-long position.

Team Manager

Each team must have a designated and registered team manager. The Manager is the primary contact for the team with regard to communications with the team and its opponents throughout the season. Responsibilities include sending game reminders to all team families, coordinate with opponent (follow league specific rules for when to contact), report game scores, prepare game cards, maintain and bring to each game the “team book” (this includes player passes, roster, medical release forms, code of conduct, etc.) Additional responsibilities include passing along information from coaches, MYS, and leagues as appropriate to all team member families, as well as, with the McLean Club Rep for each league. This is a year-long position that has responsibility each week during the season.


Develop and implement a budget for the age group teams. Open and manage checking account, collect player fees/team income (not covered by MYS), and handle reimbursements and payment for team expenses. The treasurer is responsible for reporting a summary of the age groups financial at the seasonal parent meetings. This is a year-long position.

Team Treasurer Duties:

·         Open checking account – cannot use club’s tax ID, currently most bank regulations require use of individual’s name, SSN and ID, typically have two signatures – treasurer and manager or other team volunteer 

·         Team budget – discuss and review with coach and manager

o    The first step is to determine the expected expenses which will include:

§  Tournament Fees (including State Cup)

§  Reimbursements to Coaches (see separate guidelines)

§  Social expenses such as team functions/parties

§  Administrative (esp for college age teams – brochures, etc)

§  Special circumstances:  Region I and other leagues which require referee fees

§  Other (allow for a cushion)

·         After determining team costs, notify parents of their pro-rata share of the team costs (note some parents may be receiving financial aid from the league.  This should be coordinated with the coach and team manager).

·         Deliver copy of the budget setting forth team fees and expenses to the coach and manager so that all interested parties buy into the final product.

·         Set payment schedule

·         Collect payments

·         Disburse funds for team expenses as approved and submitted by the coach and/or team manager.

·         Provide the coach and manager with periodic statements comparing the actual costs to budgeted costs, highlighting any variances or issues of concern.  Accompanying such statements should be a copy of the latest bank statement and a statement of available funds.

·         After the season is over, discuss with the coach and manager what they want to do with any remaining funds.  If a current player will be with the same team next year, the funds can be rolled over and reduce such players team fees for the next year.  If they are leaving the team, consider reimbursing the parents their pro rata portion of the remaining team fees.



Social Committee Member

Each team should have a representative to serve on this committee, but the more the merrier and the lighter the work. The committee will plan a player/family social function or party each season, as well as, at least one parent only social function. A budget should be submitted to the Treasurer to ensure there are funds to cover costs (this prevents the repeated requests for $5 to $10). The committee will solicit additional volunteers, as needed to host and/or bring things to the parties. This is a year long position.

Uniform Coordinator

This volunteer is responsible for collecting sizing information, ordering uniforms (shorts, shirts, socks, backpacks, warm-ups, etc.), and collecting monies related to the players order at the start of each season. The Uniform Coordinator may organize the ordering of additional uniform pieces (practice t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) Should coordinate jersey numbers to avoid any duplications. Additional orders can be placed by the Uniform Coordinator or by individual families directly from PJs after the initial order placed. This is a one time job each season.

Website Manager

Create and maintain team website on the MYS website. Ongoing position

Media Contact

Submit new of teams’ and players successes to MYS and local newspapers. Ongoing position


Any and all shutterbugs are encouraged to take pictures of the teams during games and “team” shots at tournaments and games. Ongoing position

Tournament Coordinators

Work with the coach to identify, register for, handle prep work for teams’ participation in tournaments. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to tournament registration, on-site check in, organizing hotel/accommodations, coordinate team dinner if desired, purchase MPS travel patches for exchanging at tournaments. Maintain record of teams’ tournament participation and results. This is an on and off volunteer position throughout the year.

Tournament Registration Check-in Volunteers

This volunteer position works the Tournament Coordinator and team managers to check the team in at the tournaments they are participating in. Registration check-in for tournaments is usually held the night before the tournament and requires showing the team’s roster, player passes, medical release forms, and permission to travel form if necessary. This is a one time position for each tournament.

Winter Program Coordinator

Coordinate the team’s participation in Coach-determined winter programs, including registration. Specific responsibilities might be delegated to a volunteer on each team, or one person can coordinate the activities for all three teams. Winter season only – may require some time in the fall, too.


The registrar will collect all relevant information from each player to complete the VYSA player registration and team roster process. Specific responsibilities include creating team rosters and players passes, and coordinating any player adds/transfers/releases throughout the seasonal year. Create and maintain team contact sheets. This is a one time position each year with some potential work between the fall and spring seasons. (Most work will be completed during the pre-season/summer.)

Team Sideline Liaison

MYS requires that each team have a trained Team Sideline Liaison (TSL). The TSL serves as the point of contact between the referee and the team at each game, and monitors and addresses parent behavior during the games. Game day activity only

First Aider

This volunteer will initially put together a first aid kit for the team (to be reimbursed from team funds) and bring it to and from each game. Throughout the season the First Aider will replenish the kit as needed. Game day activity only

Bench Carrier

This volunteer will initially order an Insta-bench for the team (to be reimbursed from team funds) and bring it to and from each game. The bench is used by the players and coaches on their sideline. Game day activity only

Team Tent

Any family with a canopy tent is asked to share it with the team on game day, especially on rainy and hot game days, as well as to tournament games. Game day activity only

STARS (Special Team Assistant Referees)

NCSL  and WAGS STAR Program provides trained certified assistant referees to U12, U13, and U14 matches when neutral assistant referees are not assigned.   as a STAR, their primary duty on game day is to the team, not officiating.  Each team must identify three (3) legitimate STARs prior to the beginning of each season by posting their names and contact information in the Team Contacts section of the NCSL and WAGS websites.