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Communications Support

Communication Support

An important role of the travel team manager is to provide communication support for their team.  The travel team manager acts as a liason:


Between Team and Club / League / State Association

  • Registration – registration rules, keep in touch with Club Rep
  • Fields – be aware of deadlines for practice requests, keep track of field permits
  • Special Circumstances – act as liaison between team and club
    • MPS Training and other opportunities
    • Community opportunities
    • Team concerns
  • R&D concerns
  • Notify club of any change in coaching staff/manager; follow VYSA
    registration change procedures as appropriate

Between Team and Coach

  • Establish and communicate Practice Schedules
  • Distribute Game Schedules (league, scrimmages)
  • Clarify other team procedures


  • Meet with coach to select dates
  • Reserve fields
  • Publicize
  • Collect contact information, distribute numbers as necessary
  • Follow-up with all attendees