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Team Sideline Liaison Program

TSL Program - Voice of The Child

The sideline behavior in MYS is better than most clubs and leagues but we still have too many problems. As a result, MYS, in keeping with its efforts to be in the forefront of best practices in youth soccer, has instituted a new program and program training to deal with sideline issues and inappropriate behavior--the Team Sideline Liaison program.
The program includes the identification, training and registration of a TSL for each and every MYS team, Recreation and Travel, at all ages.
The TSL is "the voice of the child," as it is always the players that suffer from sideline behavior problems. We hope this training will become a model for other clubs and NCSL, WAGS and ODSL.
Travel leagues in the area have already asked all travel teams to identify a parent (not the coach or coach spouse) to be the TSL and to help deal with sideline behavior issues and be a liaison with the ref. To our knowledge no rec clubs have yet done this. Even more important, few training programs exist or are not as comprehensive as that which we plan.
We provide training (one session) by an experienced and widely respected Certified Sports Psychologist, Neal Bowes, of "SIMPLYaphilosophy" who has not only theoretical knowledge but a broad background in youth soccer. (He has also played at a high level and been a referee.)
The training provides a 4 step method of dealing with problems and includes small group work with role playing on specific situations.We also review the reporting process to bring in club officials if the problem proves too big for the TSL to handle.
The training will be held prior to each season. See the MYS calendar for dates.
We will accept guests from WAGS teams outside McLean Youth Soccer at a charge of $15 (check made out to McLean Youth Soccer) per guest at the door and will confirm their attendance to WAGS. Guests (non MYS-members) are welcome but should register by e-mail to admin@mcleansoccer.org, at least three days before the training session that they wish to attend.
Likewise, WAGS teams from MYS that have attended the WAGS TSL training may fulfill the MYS requirement to have a trained TSL by obtaining confirmation from WAGS that their TSL attended the WAGS training. An e-mail to admin@mcleansoccer.org from WAGS will suffice.
And last we want to remind everyone that MYS has codes of conducts for coaches, players and parents.