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Travel Training

Preseason Camp - 2015

The following teams participate in the fall 2015 preseason camp:

  • U9-12:  all teams
  • U13 and up Boys:  Green and White teams
  • U13 and up Girls:  ECNL and Green teams

The preseason camp is held Monday through Friday, week of August 17.  See specific assigned times and locations below. 


U9 / U10:  8:30 – 10:30 am 

  • U9 Boys:  SH3
  • U10 Boys:  SH2
  • U9 Girls:  LP2
  • U10 Girls:  LP3

U11/U12:  10:30 am – 12:30 pm

  • U11 Boys:  SH2
  •  U12 Boys:  SH3
  • U11 Girls:  LP2
  • U12 Girls:  LP3

4:00 – 6:00 pm Time Slot

  • U13 Boys Green and White:  SH2
  • U14 Boys White:  SH3
  • U13 Girls ECNL and Green:  LP2
  • U14 Girls ECNL :  LP3
  • U16 Boys White:  LP3
  • U16 Girls ECNL and GREEN:  SH5
  • U17 Girls ECNL:  SH5

6:00 – 8:00 pm Time Slot

  •  U14 Boys Green:  SH3
  •  U15 Boys (Green, Green II, White): SH5
  •  U16 Boys Green:  SH2
  •  U15 Girls ECNL and Green:  LP2
  •  U14 Girls Green:  LP2
  •  U17 Boys Green:  LP3

8:00 – 10:00 PM Time Slot

  •   U18 Boys Green and Green II:  LP3
  •   U17Girls Green:  LP2
  • U18 Girls ECNL and Green  LP2

Fall 2015 - Monday Night Training

Monday night training is included in the club fees for the following teams:

  • U9 -12 Boys and Girls - all teams
  • U13 - U18 Girls  - ECNL and Green teams only
  • U13 - U16 Boys - Green and White teams only
  • U17 Boys  Green Teams

Players who are on teams which do not participate Monday night training, are encouraged to register for Wednesday night travel training sessions (available for an additional fee) if they seek additional training.

Fall 2015 Dates and times TBD

The purpose of the Monday night training is to enhance each players technical and tactical abilities, and to expose the younger players to physical coordination. Here, the players hear a different voice and experience a different approach, but the curriculum is consistent. The players no longer rotate, but the coaches do. This rotation can take place after two segments of a session( each session comprises of 4  segments) or from session to session. The tactical approach can go from simple individual decision making to more complex group tactics. This is complementary training that can't be addressed enough ( time constraints) in practice.

Travel Program Training Kit - 2015/2016

The Technical Directors have chosen to have all travel players wear a specific training uniform for Monday night training sessions. 

Families who wish to order additional training kit items will be able to do so as part of their uniform order or separately after they place their uniform order.  Estro Jersey, Striker Shorts.

Travel Player Training Programs (U13-U18) $150

Monday Night Travel Training

5:30 to 7:00 PM
See above note for session dates and locations.

Under the direction of Technical Directors, Clyde Watson and Ken Krieger, this program provides additional player development opportunities for any MYS travel team or individual.

Each evening will also be devoted to a different soccer-specific theme, including but not limited to, principles of 1 v 1 defending, bending balls (banana kicks, etc), creating space in the final third, finishing (volleys), defending the give-and-go pass and shielding, heading (offensive and defensive), chipping and finishing (free kicks).

Space is limited to 75 participants per session and applications will be accepted on a “first come, first served” basis. All participants must bring ball, plenty of fluids and be dressed in appropriate soccer attire, including cleats and shin guards.