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Referee Assignment

Arbiter Assignment Information

If you are a certified referee and want to do games in McLean contact our Assignor Jesse Rosenthal who is assigning McLean Youth Soccer House games; ODSL home games; and SFL home games in Northern Virginia. Jesse Rosenthal will also be the CASRA USSF Assignor for McLean ECNL home games.

Please contact Jesse Rosenthal at globalprisms@yahoo.com to secure an Arbiter account.

In order to receive assignments, you must reply to his email broadcasts every week you are available.

Here is the procedure:

1)  USSF Assignor Jesse Rosenthal sends out emails, typically 2 weeks prior to match date, asking each of you to EMAIL globalprisms@yahoo.com with your times of availability on each McLean Youth Soccer match date in that assignment window.

2) Based upon the collective emails that Jesse RECEIVES from you, he will make assignments. 

3) If there are holes in the schedule AFTER he sends out those assignments, he will follow up with additional messages and notional assignments to those holes.

SELF-ASSIGNMENT is active for all MYS house U9/U10 games.  The limits are that you can only enroll for 2 self-assigned games per day - but if you email globalprisms@yahoo.com seeking more games, he can give you more games.  SELF-ASSIGNMENT is NOT active for SFL/ODSL/ECNL games - but if you email globalprisms@yahoo.com according to the above process, we will still be able to work with you.  "