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FEIN Use Guidelines

To:  McLean Youth Soccer Management and Team Managers

The purpose of this notification is to establish the use of McLean Youth Soccer’s FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) in club, program, team, and other fundraising functions.

Requests to use the FEIN will be made prior to the event taking place and approval must be obtained before any advertising materials are published.

MYS will only authorize use of their FEIN when the intention and communication to a potential donor(s) is that all donated funds are going directly to and benefitting:  McLean Youth Soccer (the entire club).

All donated funds will be considered MYS funds and will be appropriated on an ‘as need’ basis.  Programs and/or teams wishing to receive donated funds will submit a request to the MYS Executive Director to petition funds for their specific need. 

Note this includes most ‘corporate’ fundraising such as restaurant events, volunteering at Jiffy Lube Live, raffles, etc.

The purpose of this policy is not to hamper fundraising efforts by specific programs or teams, but to ensure we are within Virginia state and federal laws.

Please address all questions to Kelly Key, Finance Director at kelly.key@mcleansoccer.org.