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Lost & Found

To Report A Lost or Found Item

If you have lost an item or found an item, email fields@mcleansoccer.org to post your item here!

Current Found Items

FOUND:  Lewinsville Park - April 11.  I found a size AS black Adidas training jacket on the sidelines at lewinsville with the mclean patch and #66 on the back. 

FOUND:  LP3 - March 13 - set of keys with Baltimore Ravens lanyard.  Email melissa.riemer@mcleansoccer.org !

FOUND:  Found:  MYS warm-up jacket, size YS, #14 at SH5 on December 7. Please email melissa.riemer@mcleansoccer.org.

FOUND at Lewinsville Park:  Thank you, Clyde Watson, for collecting the following items left at LP2/3:  email fields@mcleansoccer.org to claim one of these.

  • black zip blanket with red plaid interior
  • warm up pants - # 70, youth medium
  • warm up jacket - # 78 - AL
  • green MYS sweathshirt - YL
  • Warm up jacket - #22 - AM
  • warm up jacket - #30 AS
  • neon green underarmour - YL

FOUND:  Sunday, September 14 - Lewinsville Park.  glasses with black frame and white spots.  Please email melissa.riemer@mcleansoccer.org

FOUND:  On Sunday, June 8th at 230 PM, an iPhone 5 was found at LP2.  It is a blue iPhone with a yellow cover.  It's locked and the owner can't be located via the phone.  The owner could contact me via email:  Jcbirrell@aol.com or my cell at 202-716-2000

FOUND at LP2 - approximately April 2:  YL # 31 MYS Jacket.  Please email ashsuglt@yahoo.com

FOUND AT LEW CEN - April 10:  A man's titanium wedding ring was found at Lewinsville Center.  Please contact reidhjackson@yahoo.com to claim.


#3 McLean backpack with tag that reads "Tim K" Titans Gold

#27 pants - YL

AS Jacket - # 90

DC United AS Black with red jacket - AS

#42 jacket - tag reads "Jad"

Full list may be found at



IPOD FOUND:  Thursday, November 21.  Lewinsville Park.  back has a sitcker in the shape of a skateboard.  If lost, please email fields@mcleansoccer.org

RING FOUND:  Friday, November 15 on SH5.  Man's silver ring.  Please email fields@mcleansoccer.org

FOUND: Well Used Reush GK Gloves Orange and White XL Found at SH3 end of October, early November.  calabresem@cox.net

Tuesday, November 5, 2013:  Found black warm up jacket - #79 at LP2.  Contact fields@mcleansoccer.org if you lost one!

October 27, 2013:  Spring Hill 2, 9 am.  pair of navy shinguard sleeves.  If you would like to claim them, please contact barnetthome@me.com.

September 12, 2013:  I found a stack of cones on the Lewinsville Center field this afternoon. If anyone reports them missing please contact me brenikg@gmail.com

August 19, 2013:  Found: One black back pack at Lewinsville Center Field on Monday, August 19, 2013, at 6pm.  Contains goalie gloves and metal water bottle.  Contact moltenir@stb.dot.gov if it is yours.May 9, 2013:  pair warm up pants - black, adidas, #57, youth small.  Found on SH2 - fordyceshara@yahoo.com

April 14, 2013:  silver necklace found at LP2.  contact fields@mcleansoccer.org to claim.

March 4, 2013:  Black adidas warm up jackets - with numbers 7, 10 and 29 have been found at Churchill ES and placed in the school's lost and found.

Current Lost Items

LOST:  black warm-up jacket #25 (YM) at LP on April 15. daleskoric1@yahoo.com

LOST:  McLean Black Warm Up Jacket, Adult Medium, #77, been missing for several weeks.  If found please email shopwithsarahs@gmail.com.  Thanks!

LOST:  mclean team jacket 11 . Brendan took it off during his Thursday 530 pm practice and after practice it was gone . If found please email mpmurray@starpower.net

LOST:  Spring Hill Rec - Orange and Pink ball with name "Sophia Lusk".  If you find it, please email lacylusk@yahoo.com

LOST:  Spring Hill Rec # 2/3 - March 31.  Bright yellow Nike Elite sweatshirt -if found, please email beeyorghee@gmail.com

LOST:  Friday, March 27 at Spring Hill 5 training last night. Blue Diadora  backpack with "Gage" embroidered on the front. It has his green mclean Jersey and black CR7 shoes.  melaniewlyons@gmail.com

FOUND! LOST:  December 18 at Lewinsville Park.  Black McLean Rain Jacket - AS - Natalie Farrell written on the tag.  If found, please email farrell27@msn.com

LOST:  On December 4th at Lewinsville Park, my son lost his black warm up jacket (YM or YS) with the number 1.  If found pls email david.dellarocca@lw.com

LOST:  Aleigh Gambone left her ECNL rain jacket at Lewinsville Park on October 30 after practice(She is on the U15 ECNL team). She has her name written on the tag=GAMBONE. If anyone has seen it or picked it up could you please let us know by contacting us by email=Gambones6@verizon.net.  Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter. Would be great to have it as the weather is getting cold.

LOST:  Wednesday, October 29, LP2.  small black warm up jacket, # 22.  If found, please email asdiazbonilla@gmail.com.

LOST: Sunday, October 26 at Linway Terrace fields - Speedo blue jacket with an NCAP patch.  If found, please email vaquinns@gmail.com.

Early November:  Lost adidas warm up jacket - # 12 - please email bakersully@verizon.net if found

October 22:  Lost at LP2 - long black wind breaker/rain jacket (Langley Field Hockey embroidered on the chest) - email kanaf@iadb.org

LOST:  MYS Adidas black jacket - #18 - size YM, lost in the week of October 6, MYS field or Lewinsville.  Please email rcabral@worldbank.org

LOST: On Sunday September 28 at the Linway Terrace field, I left a red & grey jacket (with an embroidered corporate logo on the lower back) hanging on the bleachers by the soccer field and a black thermal coffiee container.  If found, please email me at dangarces@me.com.  Thank You!

Wednesday, September 24:  Lewinsville Park - Lost LG phone - please email cstroik@gmail.com if found.

Sunday, September 14 at Springhill Rec a youth SOCA jacket blue/black/white with McMullan embroidered on chest. Please email Sandi at macva44@comcast.net.   FOUND!

Lost: Sun 9/7 Black MYS adidas youth warmup jacket, Number 27 on back, name inside tag “Lenert”, size small,  at Robinson Middle School after 12:45pm contact dawn.lenert@cox.net or 571-436-0903 thanks

Lost at SH5 on August 29:   Size 4 adidas Messi Ball - white with rainbow colors, name McCormack written on the ball.  Please email lisa22207@gmail.com if you find it.

Lost at Linway on August 25:  Pair of shinguards.  Please email marywiener@hotmail.com if found.

Lost at LP2 in mid-August:  Dark blue chair in carrying bag.  If found, please email michelle@sandler.org

Lost at LP2 on May 29:  Navy LLBean Rain Jacket.  If found, please email nbherb@msn.com

A blue UVA sweatshirt with Virginia written in orange on it. IF FOUND EMAIL: michelle@sandler.org

Lost at MPS World Cup Night at LP2 (5/21). F50 Adidas yellow soccer ball with green markings.Email:  lalo16@verizon.net

Lost at LP 2 or 3 on Friday 5/2 - Black courier bag with school materials.  Please call or text Kim at 703-856-0435.

LOST at LP2:  Approximately April 3 or 10, Adult Small Blue Partial Zip Dark Blue Sweatshirt with "Potomac" in orange letters on front.  Please email bethsinger@aol.com if found.

LOST:  Monday, April 21, SH - Kid's baseball hat - black with raccoon on front - (River Bandits logo) - name "Lenert" written inside.  If found, please email dawn.lenert@cox.net

LOST:  a blue Adidas warm up jacket with Severna Park Tennis written on it in yellow at Spring Hill #5 on April 13.  Please notify Daniel Kraft at danieljk46@gmail.com if found. 

LOST:  Thursday, April 10 - black sweatshirt from 2014 tournament ACSL Showcase - logo on front and UnderArmour Potomac Sweatshirt.  Please email bethsinger@aol.com

LOST:  Sunday, April 12 at SH5 - MLS Match Replica Compeition Ball with # 10 on it.  If found, please email charlesrcorry@yahoo.com

LOST: Wednesday April 9 at Lewinsville - Nike Pitch LFP Ball size 5, color: ORANGE labeled HOOBERMAN. If found please contact hooberkids@gmail.com

Lost at LP2:  Satuday, April 5:  10 am - bag of adidas balls labeled Coach Trigo.  If found, please email sandro.trigo@aerointl.com

Lost at LP2:  Thursday, April 3, 8:30 pm – Langley raincoat.  Please email <Elizabeth.Isaacson@nbcuni.com>

Lost at LP2:   Thursday 4/3 - the 7-8:30 Flint Hill Lacrosse sweatshirt - crowe3@verizon.net

Lost at LP2:  Dark green XL McLean Youth Soccer hooded sweatshirt lost at the Wednesday, December 18 skills session at LP2.  Email amy.ruggeri@tsa.dhs.gov

Lost:  March 21st at Spring Hill #5 Black Adidas McLean warm-up jacket #90.  If found please contact mhmccullough@verizon.net.

March 1 or 2:  LP2 - Lost - Rain Jacket - black adidas with McLean patch. If found, please email karyn.booth@thompsonhine.com

March 1, 2014:  Lost at LP2 - First Aid Kit -  It is a red, soft-side cube-shaped cooler.  Clearly marked "First Aide" on top.  Please email melissa.riemer@mcleansoccer.org

 February 8, 2014:  Lost at LP2 - Obermeyer brand jacket - size XL Juniors, navy with black / silver accents.  If found, please email gwenn.rosener@cox.net


February 2, 2014:   Lost at SH5- black Adidas warm-up jacket & pants #8. If found, please email ashleyalexmom@verizon.net


December 2013:   Lost on LP2 - black adidas warm-up jacket - size Large.  If found, please contact Markus at mrodlauer@imf.org

December 18, 2013 Lost on LP2 – boy’s brown puffy coat. If found, please email wam623@gmail.com.

December 19, 2013:  Lost on LP2 - black uniform warm up jacket - # 15.  Please email thlindquist@verizon.net if found.

November 5, 2013:  Lost on LP2 - royal blue sweatshirt with white lettering that reads "The Langley School".  If found, please email k.debayo@gmail.com

October 27, 2013:  On LP3, Sony Digital camera in bag.  Black bag with silver camera.  If found, please email luisn425@hotmail.com

October 31, 2013:  Lost on October 22 at LP2.  Black MYS Warm Up - #18.  If found, please email debraemory@gmail.com.

October 28, 2013:  LOST ON September 28 - on Linway. Grey hooded sweatshirt with 2013 Junior Olympic Water Polo Logo.  Please email drdcollins@gmail.com if found.

October 23, 2013:  Lost i-Phone in hot pink case at LP2.  If found, please email melissa.riemer@mcleansoccer.org

October 21, 2013;  Lost black warm up jacket #7 at Spring Hill Rec # 2 on Monday, October 21 in the evening.  If found, please email kgabron@coca-cola.com.  Thanks!

October 20, 2013:  We lost a black MYS backpack #21 at Linway Terrace by the soccer field bleachers Sunday 10/21 after 3pm.  White MYS uniform jersey #21 among other things inside. Black/silver bubba keg water jug was next to it and is also missing. If found please contact mclean_obriens@yahoo.com

October 20, 2013:  Linway after 10:30 am.  Lost # 35 Green MYS Jersey. If found, please email jorgeartieda@gmail.com

October 20, 2013:  Lost one pair black/silver-framed progressive prescription reading glasses, possibly in the parking lot of Linway Terrace. In dark blue hard case.   Please email pennybolden@me.com

October 8, 2013:  LOST Nike Blue/Gray Size 3 Soccer Ball with “CHAN” inscribed all over ball, at Spring Hill Rec #5, U7 practice, 6-7pm Oct 8 (likely taken by another team at end of practice, 7pm). If anyone picked up, please email keanechan@msn.com.  FOUND!

October 8, 2013:  Lost - adidas Warm Up Jacket #35.  If found, please email ltmarkwart@gmail.com

September 21, 2013:  Linway Field - Silver Locket on Silver Chain - sentimental value.  Last seen hanging on a sign at the field.  Please contact farah.chowdhury@longandfoster.com

September 16, 2013:  Lost jacket (grey color with hood) on the side bench.If found, please email, Charlie.han@hotmail.com

August 2013:  Lost Soccer Balls - One Light Pink, Size 4, Spring Hill Rec # # 5