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Lost & Found

To Report A Lost or Found Item

If you have lost an item or found an item, email fields@mcleansoccer.org to post your item here!

Current Found Items

FOUND:  A #19 McLean warm-up jacket is looking for its owner.  It was apparently left at a tournament in Germantown, MD.  It was given to a U9 family to return to McLean and found its way to the U10 boys training this past Thursday thinking it belong to my son.  It does not.  If it is yours please email me at jalmcv@icloud.com so we can return it home safely.

FOUND:  April 25 at the CCL Scrimmagefest - A #18 McLean jacket with C Haddad inside.  An Arsenal Nike jacket.  A #3 McLean pants.The team will have them at Spring Hill Monday, April 27 between 4:30 and 6.

FOUND:  Lewinsville Park - April 11.  I found a size AS black Adidas training jacket on the sidelines at lewinsville with the mclean patch and #66 on the back. 

FOUND:  LP3 - March 13 - set of keys with Baltimore Ravens lanyard.  Email melissa.riemer@mcleansoccer.org !

FOUND:  Found:  MYS warm-up jacket, size YS, #14 at SH5 on December 7. Please email melissa.riemer@mcleansoccer.org.

FOUND at Lewinsville Park:  Thank you, Clyde Watson, for collecting the following items left at LP2/3:  email fields@mcleansoccer.org to claim one of these.

  • black zip blanket with red plaid interior
  • warm up pants - # 70, youth medium
  • warm up jacket - # 78 - AL
  • green MYS sweathshirt - YL
  • Warm up jacket - #22 - AM
  • warm up jacket - #30 AS
  • neon green underarmour - YL

FOUND:  Sunday, September 14 - Lewinsville Park.  glasses with black frame and white spots.  Please email melissa.riemer@mcleansoccer.org

FOUND:  On Sunday, June 8th at 230 PM, an iPhone 5 was found at LP2.  It is a blue iPhone with a yellow cover.  It's locked and the owner can't be located via the phone.  The owner could contact me via email:  Jcbirrell@aol.com or my cell at 202-716-2000

FOUND at LP2 - approximately April 2:  YL # 31 MYS Jacket.  Please email ashsuglt@yahoo.com

FOUND AT LEW CEN - April 10:  A man's titanium wedding ring was found at Lewinsville Center.  Please contact reidhjackson@yahoo.com to claim.


#3 McLean backpack with tag that reads "Tim K" Titans Gold

#27 pants - YL

AS Jacket - # 90

DC United AS Black with red jacket - AS

#42 jacket - tag reads "Jad"

Full list may be found at



IPOD FOUND:  Thursday, November 21.  Lewinsville Park.  back has a sitcker in the shape of a skateboard.  If lost, please email fields@mcleansoccer.org

RING FOUND:  Friday, November 15 on SH5.  Man's silver ring.  Please email fields@mcleansoccer.org

FOUND: Well Used Reush GK Gloves Orange and White XL Found at SH3 end of October, early November.  calabresem@cox.net

Tuesday, November 5, 2013:  Found black warm up jacket - #79 at LP2.  Contact fields@mcleansoccer.org if you lost one!

October 27, 2013:  Spring Hill 2, 9 am.  pair of navy shinguard sleeves.  If you would like to claim them, please contact barnetthome@me.com.

September 12, 2013:  I found a stack of cones on the Lewinsville Center field this afternoon. If anyone reports them missing please contact me brenikg@gmail.com

August 19, 2013:  Found: One black back pack at Lewinsville Center Field on Monday, August 19, 2013, at 6pm.  Contains goalie gloves and metal water bottle.  Contact moltenir@stb.dot.gov if it is yours.May 9, 2013:  pair warm up pants - black, adidas, #57, youth small.  Found on SH2 - fordyceshara@yahoo.com

April 14, 2013:  silver necklace found at LP2.  contact fields@mcleansoccer.org to claim.

March 4, 2013:  Black adidas warm up jackets - with numbers 7, 10 and 29 have been found at Churchill ES and placed in the school's lost and found.

Current Lost Items

LOST:  Thursday, May 21 - SH5 - navy blue soccer bag - labeled "Jack"  # 26.  If found, please email lisaplaskow@yahoo.com

LOST:  Wednesday, May 20 at Lewinsville Park.  DC United ball - black.  please email yoltamal@yahoo.com if found.

LOST:  Black rain jacket without patch, but # 45 on the sleeve. Lost at LP2 in late April / early May.  If found, please email ktschoff@gmail.com.  Thank you!

LOST:  May 2, Lewinsville Park - a green folding chair, a black and red blanket with McLean embroidered on it, and a blue and white water bottle.  Please email stdeitch@gmail.com if found.

LOST:  April 25, Longfellow - orange fleece jacket.  If found, please email rohit.setty@setty.com

LOST:  April 18, Longfellow - One pink and black cleat.  If found, please email sarah.b.rosenfeld@gmail.com

LOST:  Longfellow School, Saturday, April 18.  Pink Water Bottle.  Please email minyskk@gmail.com if found.

LOST:  black warm-up jacket #25 (YM) at LP on April 15. daleskoric1@yahoo.com

LOST:  McLean Black Warm Up Jacket, Adult Medium, #77, been missing for several weeks.  If found please email shopwithsarahs@gmail.com.  Thanks!

LOST:  mclean team jacket 11 . Brendan took it off during his Thursday 530 pm practice and after practice it was gone . If found please email mpmurray@starpower.net

LOST:  Spring Hill Rec - Orange and Pink ball with name "Sophia Lusk".  If you find it, please email lacylusk@yahoo.com

LOST:  Spring Hill Rec # 2/3 - March 31.  Bright yellow Nike Elite sweatshirt -if found, please email beeyorghee@gmail.com

LOST:  Friday, March 27 at Spring Hill 5 training last night. Blue Diadora  backpack with "Gage" embroidered on the front. It has his green mclean Jersey and black CR7 shoes.  melaniewlyons@gmail.com

FOUND! LOST:  December 18 at Lewinsville Park.  Black McLean Rain Jacket - AS - Natalie Farrell written on the tag.  If found, please email farrell27@msn.com

LOST:  On December 4th at Lewinsville Park, my son lost his black warm up jacket (YM or YS) with the number 1.  If found pls email david.dellarocca@lw.com

LOST:  Aleigh Gambone left her ECNL rain jacket at Lewinsville Park on October 30 after practice(She is on the U15 ECNL team). She has her name written on the tag=GAMBONE. If anyone has seen it or picked it up could you please let us know by contacting us by email=Gambones6@verizon.net.  Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter. Would be great to have it as the weather is getting cold.

LOST:  Wednesday, October 29, LP2.  small black warm up jacket, # 22.  If found, please email asdiazbonilla@gmail.com.

LOST: Sunday, October 26 at Linway Terrace fields - Speedo blue jacket with an NCAP patch.  If found, please email vaquinns@gmail.com.

Early November:  Lost adidas warm up jacket - # 12 - please email bakersully@verizon.net if found

October 22:  Lost at LP2 - long black wind breaker/rain jacket (Langley Field Hockey embroidered on the chest) - email kanaf@iadb.org

LOST:  MYS Adidas black jacket - #18 - size YM, lost in the week of October 6, MYS field or Lewinsville.  Please email rcabral@worldbank.org

LOST: On Sunday September 28 at the Linway Terrace field, I left a red & grey jacket (with an embroidered corporate logo on the lower back) hanging on the bleachers by the soccer field and a black thermal coffiee container.  If found, please email me at dangarces@me.com.  Thank You!

Wednesday, September 24:  Lewinsville Park - Lost LG phone - please email cstroik@gmail.com if found.

Sunday, September 14 at Springhill Rec a youth SOCA jacket blue/black/white with McMullan embroidered on chest. Please email Sandi at macva44@comcast.net.   FOUND!

Lost: Sun 9/7 Black MYS adidas youth warmup jacket, Number 27 on back, name inside tag “Lenert”, size small,  at Robinson Middle School after 12:45pm contact dawn.lenert@cox.net or 571-436-0903 thanks

Lost at SH5 on August 29:   Size 4 adidas Messi Ball - white with rainbow colors, name McCormack written on the ball.  Please email lisa22207@gmail.com if you find it.

Lost at Linway on August 25:  Pair of shinguards.  Please email marywiener@hotmail.com if found.

Lost at LP2 in mid-August:  Dark blue chair in carrying bag.  If found, please email michelle@sandler.org

Lost at LP2 on May 29:  Navy LLBean Rain Jacket.  If found, please email nbherb@msn.com

A blue UVA sweatshirt with Virginia written in orange on it. IF FOUND EMAIL: michelle@sandler.org

Lost at MPS World Cup Night at LP2 (5/21). F50 Adidas yellow soccer ball with green markings.Email:  lalo16@verizon.net

Lost at LP 2 or 3 on Friday 5/2 - Black courier bag with school materials.  Please call or text Kim at 703-856-0435.

LOST at LP2:  Approximately April 3 or 10, Adult Small Blue Partial Zip Dark Blue Sweatshirt with "Potomac" in orange letters on front.  Please email bethsinger@aol.com if found.

LOST:  Monday, April 21, SH - Kid's baseball hat - black with raccoon on front - (River Bandits logo) - name "Lenert" written inside.  If found, please email dawn.lenert@cox.net

LOST:  a blue Adidas warm up jacket with Severna Park Tennis written on it in yellow at Spring Hill #5 on April 13.  Please notify Daniel Kraft at danieljk46@gmail.com if found. 

LOST:  Thursday, April 10 - black sweatshirt from 2014 tournament ACSL Showcase - logo on front and UnderArmour Potomac Sweatshirt.  Please email bethsinger@aol.com

LOST:  Sunday, April 12 at SH5 - MLS Match Replica Compeition Ball with # 10 on it.  If found, please email charlesrcorry@yahoo.com

LOST: Wednesday April 9 at Lewinsville - Nike Pitch LFP Ball size 5, color: ORANGE labeled HOOBERMAN. If found please contact hooberkids@gmail.com

Lost at LP2:  Satuday, April 5:  10 am - bag of adidas balls labeled Coach Trigo.  If found, please email sandro.trigo@aerointl.com

Lost at LP2:  Thursday, April 3, 8:30 pm – Langley raincoat.  Please email <Elizabeth.Isaacson@nbcuni.com>

Lost at LP2:   Thursday 4/3 - the 7-8:30 Flint Hill Lacrosse sweatshirt - crowe3@verizon.net

Lost at LP2:  Dark green XL McLean Youth Soccer hooded sweatshirt lost at the Wednesday, December 18 skills session at LP2.  Email amy.ruggeri@tsa.dhs.gov

Lost:  March 21st at Spring Hill #5 Black Adidas McLean warm-up jacket #90.  If found please contact mhmccullough@verizon.net.

March 1 or 2:  LP2 - Lost - Rain Jacket - black adidas with McLean patch. If found, please email karyn.booth@thompsonhine.com

March 1, 2014:  Lost at LP2 - First Aid Kit -  It is a red, soft-side cube-shaped cooler.  Clearly marked "First Aide" on top.  Please email melissa.riemer@mcleansoccer.org

 February 8, 2014:  Lost at LP2 - Obermeyer brand jacket - size XL Juniors, navy with black / silver accents.  If found, please email gwenn.rosener@cox.net


February 2, 2014:   Lost at SH5- black Adidas warm-up jacket & pants #8. If found, please email ashleyalexmom@verizon.net


December 2013:   Lost on LP2 - black adidas warm-up jacket - size Large.  If found, please contact Markus at mrodlauer@imf.org

December 18, 2013 Lost on LP2 – boy’s brown puffy coat. If found, please email wam623@gmail.com.

December 19, 2013:  Lost on LP2 - black uniform warm up jacket - # 15.  Please email thlindquist@verizon.net if found.

November 5, 2013:  Lost on LP2 - royal blue sweatshirt with white lettering that reads "The Langley School".  If found, please email k.debayo@gmail.com

October 27, 2013:  On LP3, Sony Digital camera in bag.  Black bag with silver camera.  If found, please email luisn425@hotmail.com

October 31, 2013:  Lost on October 22 at LP2.  Black MYS Warm Up - #18.  If found, please email debraemory@gmail.com.

October 28, 2013:  LOST ON September 28 - on Linway. Grey hooded sweatshirt with 2013 Junior Olympic Water Polo Logo.  Please email drdcollins@gmail.com if found.

October 23, 2013:  Lost i-Phone in hot pink case at LP2.  If found, please email melissa.riemer@mcleansoccer.org

October 21, 2013;  Lost black warm up jacket #7 at Spring Hill Rec # 2 on Monday, October 21 in the evening.  If found, please email kgabron@coca-cola.com.  Thanks!

October 20, 2013:  We lost a black MYS backpack #21 at Linway Terrace by the soccer field bleachers Sunday 10/21 after 3pm.  White MYS uniform jersey #21 among other things inside. Black/silver bubba keg water jug was next to it and is also missing. If found please contact mclean_obriens@yahoo.com

October 20, 2013:  Linway after 10:30 am.  Lost # 35 Green MYS Jersey. If found, please email jorgeartieda@gmail.com

October 20, 2013:  Lost one pair black/silver-framed progressive prescription reading glasses, possibly in the parking lot of Linway Terrace. In dark blue hard case.   Please email pennybolden@me.com

October 8, 2013:  LOST Nike Blue/Gray Size 3 Soccer Ball with “CHAN” inscribed all over ball, at Spring Hill Rec #5, U7 practice, 6-7pm Oct 8 (likely taken by another team at end of practice, 7pm). If anyone picked up, please email keanechan@msn.com.  FOUND!

October 8, 2013:  Lost - adidas Warm Up Jacket #35.  If found, please email ltmarkwart@gmail.com

September 21, 2013:  Linway Field - Silver Locket on Silver Chain - sentimental value.  Last seen hanging on a sign at the field.  Please contact farah.chowdhury@longandfoster.com

September 16, 2013:  Lost jacket (grey color with hood) on the side bench.If found, please email, Charlie.han@hotmail.com

August 2013:  Lost Soccer Balls - One Light Pink, Size 4, Spring Hill Rec # # 5