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Myths of the Game

The 4 most misunderstood fouls in soccer and a quick lesson on what a goalkeeper can do. This 6 slide introduction is meant to help someone who is new to soccer or someone who wants a quick refresher guide on a few rules so that they can understand why a referee calls AND DOES NOT call a certain foul. Enjoy.

MYS Referee Program

McLean Soccer employs certified referees for all age groups based on availability. If no referee is present 10 minutes before the game the coach should text 703-906-3555, and provide the following:  Age group, Gender, Field, Scheduled Time, whether or not another referee crew member is there – and if so, who is there? 

If no referees are available the coaches are asked to referee as objectively as possible and report the shortage to the assignor, Jesse Rosenthal  globalprisms@yahoo.com, and copy melissa.riemer@mcleansoccer.org when the game is complete.

Where certified assistant referees are not available, McLean Soccer uses club, or volunteer assistant referees who have responsibility for noting only in and out of touch and direction.

For some of our Travel Leagues, due to the shortage of certified referees, parent volunteers must also become certified referees called Step In Assistant Referees (STAR). In many cases, as many as two parents per team are required.

New Referees Needed for McLean Soccer

Do you want to become a referee? McLean Youth Soccer has scheduled a class on the following dates:  August 11-16, all sessions required to complete the course, cost of $65 payable to US Soccer.  If you work 10 games for MYS this year, the cost will be reimbursed to you at end of year.

For more information about how to enroll - or to ask any questions about how assignments are secured, please contact USSF Assignor Jesse Rosenthal at globalprisms@yahoo.com

If you would like to become a referee for McLean Youth Soccer you must be 13 years old and attend a USSF approved referee Level 8 course (see referee web site for definition of different levels). McLean only uses level 8 certified referees. We do not use level 9.

New Referee classes (grade 8) and 2014 Recertification classes (Grade 8) will be available throughout the DC metropolitan area beginning in November.  While attending McLean classes is convenient, referees and prospective referees can attend USSF classes anywhere.  The list of upcoming classes is available at https://www.youthleaguesusa.com/mdcva/2013/cgi-bin/webclasses2.cgi

McLean Youth Soccer - Referee Facebook Page

McLean Youth Soccer Referees have a new Facebook page.  Please visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mclean-Soccer-Referees/548542855213217