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MYS Field Status & Cancellation

This page will be updated each day at 3 pm.  If it is before 3 pm, please check back after 3 pm for updates.


Unfortunately, some of the turf fields remain closed because there are still piles of snow apparently where individuals shoveled snow against the county rules.  When individuals clear snow from one part of the field and pile it in another part of the field, that pile takes longer to melt and delays the opening of the field. 

From the county: "These fields should be considered closed if any portion of them becomes snow or ice covered, or if the surface becomes frozen.  Removal of snow or ice from the surface of the field is prohibited.  Use of snow or ice melting products is also prohibited."

MYS Turf Field Information

In light of recent news stories regarding artificial turf fields, McLean Youth Soccer shares this information from the Fairfax County Park Authority regarding the fields on which our teams play.

Rained Out

MYS utilizes the RainedOut text messaging service  to communicate timely and accurate field status information to our players, families and coaches.

The RainedOut service delivers timely alerts directly to mobile phones as SMS text messages.

The service is available at no cost, takes less than 2 minutes to sign up, and you can opt out any time! You will not receive any spam or unsolicited content - all messages will be sent from MYS directly to you.

Follow these easy steps to sign up: 

  • Click on link
  • Enter your email address or phone number
  • Receive the validation code at that email address / phone number
  • Enter it on the Sign up page.


  • Text MCLEANYOUTHSOCCER to 84483 to receive field status alerts from McLean Youth Soccer.

Field Status Update Process

This field status page is updated only when needed, and field closings only apply to the date indicated. If the date on the website is prior to today's date, you should assume that all fields are open, except for fields marked as closed for the season.

The field status page is updated by 3 pm on weekdays, and MYS may not update field status information after 3pm. On days when weather is uncertain -- for example, thunderstorms are predicted or it starts to rain at 4:45 and you have a 5:30 practice, please contact your team's coach or manager to determine if practice will be held.

On weekends, the field status page is updated as follows:


On Saturday, by 7am; on Sunday, 3 hours prior to the first home travel game or 7am, whichever is later.  If weather and field conditions deteriorate after the morning assessment, referees (or coaches if referees are not present) should assess and determine the playability of the field.  Please remember that the safety of the players is paramount.

For all games, the referees may choose to declare a field unplayable at game time.


PRACTICE fields are updated at least one hour prior to the practice start time. Note that there may be continuous updates on weekends as field status and game schedules are updated -- please check back frequently.

Regardless of the information on the website or the hotline, fields must be closed if they are too wet.

Lock Combination

Lock Combination for Churchill,  Franklin Sherman, Haycock, Kent Gardens, Lemon Road, and Longfellow:   MYS01 or SCORE