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Player Code of Conduct

It is a privilege to be a player/member of McLean Youth Soccer (MYS). I understand that I must follow the rules of the club and the League in which my team plays. I further understand that in order to remain a player in good standing I must follow these rules.

1.      I will respect the game of soccer and its laws. I will learn these laws and try to follow them. I will play the game fairly.
2.      I will show respect for the authority of the referee, even though I will sometimes disagree with his/her calls.
3.      I will work for the good of the team and conduct myself with honor and dignity.
4.      I will show good sportsmanship before, during and after games. I understand that soccer is a game, and that the players on the other team are my opponents, not my enemies.
5.      I will help parents and fans understand the Laws of the Game so they can watch and enjoy the game better.
6.      I will be sure they (parents and fans) understand that dissent is not permitted.

Revised October 2010