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Coaches Code of Conduct

Coaches shall conduct themselves properly at all times.

Coaches will:
  1. Take all reasonable precautions to insure the safety of each youth. 

  2. Take whatever action necessary to control the actions of their fans. 

  3. Be accountable for all MYS issued property, fields, and buildings, including equipment located on the field or in the building being utilized.

  4. Report all injuries or damage to school or county property to MYS within 24 hours of such occurrence.

  5. Report to MYS any inquiry into the policy of the program or possible violation thereof, as well as whatever action has been taken. 

  6. Abide by all MYS rules and regulations. 

  7. Insure the cleanliness of facilities upon completion of his or her activity.

Under no circumstances will a coach:
  1. Use profanity at or to any youth, parent, or official. 

  2. Physically or psychologically or verbally abuse any youth on his or her team, or any other team, referee, MYS volunteers (coaches, TSLs, etc.), or MYS contractor, even in jest. 

  3. Strike, push, or shove any game official, another coach, or a spectator. 

  4. Drop any youth from participation without the action first being approved by MYS. MYS must be notified immediately if any player is suspended temporarily for disciplinary reasons.

  5. Represent himself or herself as an officer or spokesperson for MYS to any group, committee, or county agency without approval of the MYS board.

  6. Pressure any youth into participation by informing the youth that if he or she does not play this season he or she will be ineligible to play on the team next season. 

  7. Offer to any other group or organization use of any MYS equipment or facilities without approval of MYS. 

  8. Condone the use of any drugs, alcoholic beverages, or any other undesirable activity.