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Adult Training Activities

Participation Guidelines and Rules of Play

  • No dangerous play, sliding tackling, or intentionally going to the ground.
  • Rely on skill and tactics and not fitness and strength. No need for physical play.
  • Co-ed games are encouraged.
  • Bring a white and dark color shirt.
  • Closest players call infractions. No arguments. Play continues.
  • Games must have at least one supervising official per field.

Players will be advised by e-mail the first days of each week of the location of the next training session. Players are required to respond to the e-mail if they wish to play. Only players who have responded and have received positive confirmation of that response will be eligible. There will be no walk-ons under any circumstances.

The Director (or designee) has the right to prohibit any player from participating in a game or to discontinue the play of any player who, in the opinion of the Director (or designee), violates the spirit of sportsmanship, cooperation, and/or the purpose of the game.

Registration Procedures

We have instituted a new registration procedure for the MYS Adult Training Activities. The process will be familiar for those of you who have kids in MYS. The fee has also changed to $25 (County residents) for the semi-annual registration. Theoretically, registration can be rolling but consistent with all MYS programs, we will not prorate fees for any missed portions of a season, and there are no refunds for any reason once a participant registers. Individuals who have not registered will not be eligible to participate.

  1. Download the registration form and return it via e-mail to mys.adulttraining {at} mcleansoccer.org or fax at (703) 894-5801.
  2. Please go to the MYS web site at www.mcleansoccer.org. Click on the "Login" button at the left.
  3. Click on "<Season> <Year> Registration" and login using your MYS e-mail and password. This is the account you would have used to register your children for MYS activities. If you do not have an “MYS Registration” account, you can create one by clicking “Never registered before?”.
  4. Confirm/update any contact information and choose "Save & Go To Players".
  5. Choose "Add New Player" from the Select Player box and register the Adult Training participant following the prompts. You must enter your birth date as 8/2/1992. After you enter the birth date, you will be able to select “Adult League” as the “Membership Program.” In addition, please select the following:
    • Program - Adult League
    • Grade - Your Choice
    • School and closest school - please choose Other
    • Travel League - click on Region 1 from the drop down list
    • Travel Team - U20 MYS Coaches (this is the only choice that appears)
    You should check to see that "Enroll for <Season> <Year> Season" is selected, then click "SAVE PLAYER INFORMATION", followed by "Go To Checkout."
  6. On the checkout page, other fees paid to MYS may appear in your “Total Enrollment Fee” and any amount already paid will appear in the “Amount Paid” field. If you have no other balances due to MYS, your "Total Due" should be $25. Balances should be paid by credit card, not check.
  7. If your credit card is approved, the credit card form will disappear, the “Your Credit Card Payment is accepted” message will appear, and you will receive an e-mail with a receipt attached.
  8. E-Mails with the time and location of the next game are sent out on Mondays or Tuesdays (depending on field availability).
  9. For a single full-sized field, participants are capped at 28 with a waiting list after that.