MYS Seeking Board Nominations - 2018
McLean Youth Soccer (MYS) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop youth and impart life lessons through the sport of soccer. We take pride in the multiple player pathways and development opportunities we are able to provide for our local community. MYS has established programs that span from recreation to the elite level. Our programs could not be as successful as they are without our highly experienced management and technical staff, our Board of Directors for strategic oversight and guidance, and hundreds of dedicated volunteers each year.
One of the many volunteer roles is serving on the MYS Board of Directors. Each director is elected by the membership at a vote held at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which will be held this year on June 5, 2018. Directors are typically elected for a two-year term and may serve two consecutive terms. A Nominating Committee comprised of existing directors and at-large members of MYS determines which candidates it believes are best qualified to put on the slate for consideration by the membership at the AGM. We anticipate that there will be at least two Board positions available to fill at this upcoming AGM. More details on MYS governance and the Board, including a list of current Directors is available on the MYS website.
It you are interested in being considered for possible nomination to join the Board in June, or would just like more information about the Board, please contact Laura Mattis, MYS Vice Chair at laura.mattis@mcleansoccer.org. Applicants for the Board should submit a brief statement detailing their interest and background to Ms. Mattis no later than Sunday, March 11, 2018.
McLean Youth Soccer Board of Directors

The MYS Board of Directors is currently comprised of 11 members. The make-up and structure of the board is based on the MYS by-laws and includes representation from most of the major functions within the club including:

  • House and Travel Memberships
  • Fields & Fields Development
  • Operational Areas including Referees, Registration, Treasury, Rules & Discipline, and Training.

Board meetings are open to all members and the general public.

Board members are elected at the Annual General Meeting unless appointed by the Board to fill an open position, according to the club by-laws. If you are interested in joining the Board to fill an open position or to be considered at the next Annual General Meeting, please contact the Board's Vice-Chair, who heads the Nominating Committee.

Board Meetings, Notices and Proceedings
MYS Board Members 2017-18

Bios for Board members can be found on the Bio Page.

Chair Rich Irons
Vice Chair Laura Mattis
Treasurer Bryan Judd
Director, Recreation Programs Whitney Bergendahl
Director, Travel Programs Kirk Robertson
Brian Luwis
Michael Dalakis
At-Large James Socas
At-Large Sharon King Donohue
At-Large Michael Kunz