MYS Women's World Cup Trip Summer 2019

McLean Youth Soccer has partnered with WorldStrides/Excel Sports to offer our membership an opportunity to travel to France this summer for the Women's World Cup! Now that the US Women's National Team has qualified, our players and families will have the chance to watch World Cup games in person. MYS players and teams will play friendly matches against local French opposition, attend Women's World Cup Semi Final and Final matches in Lyon as well as tour and sightsee while in France. Some of the inclusions of this trip are: ascending to the top of the Eiffel Tower, a professional stadium tour, exploring The Louvre, and much more! Specific information for this trip - from financial assistance, fundraising, safety and security - can be found by clicking on the link below. And for more information about WorldStrides/Excel Programs, please visit their website.

MYS Women's World Cup Trip Information

International Travel Opportunities

McLean Youth Soccer is pleased to announce the development of an international travel opportunity for McLean Youth Soccer players. In partnership with WorldStrides/Excel Sports, MYS will be sending teams abroad for friendly tours and/or high profile tournaments beginning this spring 2018 with the 2003 Girls traveling to Italy over Spring Break and the 2007 Girls traveling to London in August.

The experience of traveling overseas for soccer has long been recognized as one of the best ways to get players out of their comfort zone and will greatly benefit our players while exposing them to new cultural and soccer-related experiences.

McLean has begun what promises to be a tremendous travel tradition and oportunities for our players.