Winter Indoor League

The MYS winter indoor league is a program that is accessible to all registered recreation players on equal basis, regardless of which recreation team they are assigned to during the fall season or spring seasons.

Based locally, this program simply allows U7 - U11 players to enjoy the game in a safe, comfortable environment over the winter.

In keeping with the concept of "just let the players play", this indoor league is not intended to provide training; it is purely an opportunity for recreation players to play over the winter.

This program is open ONLY to players who were rostered to a Fall 2018 MYS Recreation Team.

Winter 2018-19 Dates - SATURDAYS:

  • Session 1: 7 weeks - December 1 - January 25. (no session on December 22 or 29) Registration Deadline: November 11.
  • Session 2: 8 weeks - February 2 - March 23 Registration Deadline: January 13.
  • Game Days: Saturdays between 12:30pm and 7:30pm
  • Fee: $105 per player for session 1; $120 per player for session 2


  • Sports & Health, 1800 Old Meadow Road, McLean, VA, 22102
  • Surface: Turf/Carpet (lined for indoor soccer with protective padding)


  • Game Format: Indoor soccer (i.e. not with walls, kick-ins when out of bounds)
  • Game Sizes: 5 v 5
  • Game Lengths: 50 mins per game (two 25 minute halves) with 5 minutes for half time and 5 minutes between games.
  • Games Per Day: 7
  • Number of Teams Per Session: 14
  • Maximum Number of Players: 140 per session, 280 players total over both sessions
  • Roster Sizes: 10 players maximum per roster, Rosters are CO-ED.
  • Coaching: Parent/Volunteer Coaches

To Register, please visit Recreation TOPSoccer and

click on 2018-19 INDOOR LEAGUE on the right.

Teams interested in registering together, please review the information below.

TEAM REGISTRATION - if a team wants to join the league, these are the steps: ONLY MYS recreation teams that are participating in the Fall 2018 season may register as TEAMS for the MYS winter indoor league

  • Step 1: The MYS U7 - U11 volunteer coach contacts no later than November 5, 2018. Space is limited, so team registration is strictly first-come, first-serve. Provided sufficient space is available for your whole TEAM, registering as a TEAM will secure a place in line for all of the players on your TEAM (to a max of 7 players - see below), and will confirm that you will be a volunteer coach in the indoor program. ** please remember that this is a CO-ED team so there will be members of the other gender added to your roster.
  • Step 2: Then, each player on the team must directly register as an INDIVIDUAL no later than November 5, 2018 by completing the steps below. Players will be placed on the team in the order in which they register to a maximum of 7 players.

Rules and Procedures:

  • If your TEAM registers, and you do not register as an INDIVIDUAL by November 5, 2018, you will lose your place in line and an INDIVIDUAL registrant will be assigned to your TEAM in the order that INDIVIDUAL registrations are received. You would need to register as an INDIVIDUAL and join the end of the line after this date.
  • If a TEAM has more than 7 players registered, with the exception of the coaches child, ONLY the first 7 players from that TEAM to register as INDIVIDUALS will be assigned to that TEAM's roster, the remainder will be assigned to other rosters. This is to maintain the co-ed nature of the competition.
  • If a coach has a child playing on their TEAM and does not register their own child by November 5 and is then unable to register them due to the program being full and is unwilling to coach, then each player registered to that TEAM will become an INDIVIDUAL registrant who may be assigned to any TEAM.
  • If a TEAM does not have sufficient numbers of registered players by November 5, INDIVIDUAL registrants will be added to TEAM rosters by MYS in the order that they were received, so that all TEAMS have 10 players assigned to them.
  • INDIVIDUALS will only be placed into age groups that are separated by no more than one year (i.e. a U09 player will not be placed on a team with U11 players). This is a co-ed league, so boys and girls will be mixed.
  • Coaches MAY NOT request players from other teams and players MAY NOT request coaches or friends. Given the limited number of available spaces, MYS will assign players with current team mates where possible, but will make all decisions on roster assignments. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

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