TOPSoccer Program Information

TOPSoccer stands for The Outreach Program for soccer and it is a community-based training and team placement program for youth of all ages with disabilities.

As one of the first clubs in Virginia to offer TOPSoccer, MYS is proud to encourage youth players of all ages with special needs to learn the game of soccer. The MYS TOPSoccer program meets on Saturdays or Sundays during the Fall and Spring seasons and is organized and run by volunteer parents and youth players in MYS.

To register for this program follow all standard registration instructions and choose TOPSoccer when you register on line or by mail.

For information about the MYS TOPSoccer program, please email Haytham Mansur at

We need volunteers to continue the success of this program. Please volunteer to help our community.

To learn more about VYSA support of TOPSoccer.

To see more on US Youth TOPSoccer program.