To Report Lost and Found Items

Please email fields@mcleansoccer.org to report a Lost or Found item.

Found Items
FOUND: #38 Youth Large Warm up jacket -to claim, please email lisaplaskow@gmail.com
FOUND at Police Field - mid-October: Black Umbro jacket - 12/14; Blue Columbia fleece hoodie - Small; Old Navy black, white strip sports jacket - LG 10-12; Gap kids gray henley/undershirt - Smal. <termeh@aol.com>
FOUND: 9/22/18 @ MYS B?: "Manna" Black 1L metal water bottle - email munsonea@gmail.com
FOUND: 9/22/18 @ MYS B?: Green Rec Jersey, size M, with soccer ball patch ironed onto left shoulder. - email munsonea@gmail.com
FOUND: Pair of goalie gloves at Police Field Email andreawatt@gmail.com
FOUND at Linway Terrace 9/8 @8 pm
- adidas warm up jacket (no number), darker green MYS logo, size XL
- red/black first aid kit by LifeLine
- call/text 202-409-1780

FOUND: Size small, McLean warmup jacket #7 Size medium, McLean warmup jacket #3 - contact jaon.ahmad@mcleansoccer.org

Found: Size 4 adidas Nativo soccer ball. Will Burke #32 written on it. Email chocoladehagelpuur@yahoo.com if this is your ball.

FOUND on Police Field -
Bag of pinnies
A set of disc cones on holder
Pair of small Nike cleates
1 pair of green addidas soccer socks
Another water jug
Shin guards
Small Black slides/flip flops (I believe these are Adidas too).
Email noah.egorin@gmail.com to claim!
FOUND - Green/Black Adidas ball found on Spring Hill T3 today (6 May). Name and partial phone number on ball:
Profaizen email wdkulp@gmail.com

wdkulp@gmail.comFOUND - Digital camera and bag at Lewinsville Park. Had film of McLean HS baskeball games. Contact
FOUND - McLean jacket - #51 - Adult Medium - to claim, please email hughes5clan1@gmail.com
FOUND - Colvin Run Elementary - The school has found a medium, black adidas McLean soccer jacket, with the no. 2 stitched on the back. Please contact annmalekzadeh@gmail.com to claim it!
FOUND at Police Field - contact noah.egorin@gmail.com
  • From Sunday, October 29
    • Grey Stanford Sweatshirt
    • Purple Igloo Water Cooler. Looks like the Name "Fisher" and the first part of a phone number of 913-419-xxxx '
  • From Sunday, November 5
    • Orange Adidas Size 5 with the name Giovanni Zapa????? Written on it
    • Grey Black and Neon Green Under Armour Hooded Sweatshirt, youth Xtra Large
    • Carters 18 month hooded green rain coat with white polka dots
    • Blue 28 oucnch Bubba Water Bottle.
FOUND: #17 warm up jacket - Spring Hill Rec #5 - to claim - email stephen.holzen@gmail.com
Found mclean warm up jacket #48 and water bottle police field Wednesday November 1st
Call 202-276-8647
Found week of Oct 16th at Lewinsville Park: Bright yellow large metal water bottle - Hydro Flask brand. Call 703-915-4373 to claim.

FOUND: At Spring Hill 2 - Thursday - #9 black travel jacket. To claim it, lease email jenni_michener@yahoo.com

FOUND: At Spring Hill 3 - TWo balls - one with "Cutler" on it. The other ball is maroon and white but no name. Email fields@mcleansoccer.org

FOUND at Police field - Red backpack - #5 - email fields@mcleansoccer.org to claim.

FOUND at Police field - weekend of October 7-8. Email noah.egorin@gmail.com to claim any of these!

  • 1 Teal Adidas Climawarm headband/ear warmers
  • 1 pair of grey and orange lightweight gloves (size very small)
  • 1 pair of Nike black slides/sandals size 5Y
  • 1 Under Armor longsleeve heatgear grey size YM
  • 1 Under Armor blue and grey jacket with SAC badge on left breast, initials TK (center back top) size YL
  • 1 pair of shin guards teal Nike Mercurial/Lite size YL
  • 1 pair of shin guards yellow and black Nike Mercurial/Flyte size YM
  • Grey hooded Adidas sweatshirt with McLean badge (name on tag Clay Chapman) size YM
  • 1 white longsleeve shirt (Under Armor material but no brand) with Mclean badge on both sleeves near wrist size YM
  • Teal folding camping chair. It looks like the case become a shade.

Now for the water bottles:

  • Green REI camelback chute water bottle with REI Rockville logo
  • Light blue CoolGear water bottle (squeeze)
  • Large blue water jug by Igloo with name on bottom (Savannah Hendricks, 928-257-7689) -My wife Michelle left a message on that phone number

FOUND: McLean Youth Soccer jacket - early September - on the field at Williamsburg Middle School - size small, number 5. Email kbaker412@gmail.com .

FOUND: 09/17 - Police field - Camera Bag with lens. Email fields@mcleansoccer.org

FOUND: 09/17 - BRYC Friendlies / Pine Ridge - #3 soccer bag. Email fields@mcleansoccer.org

FOUND: At Franklin Sherman, a size 3 adidas soccer ball, black with yellow stripes. Please email chocoladehagelpuur@yahoo.com if it is yours

FOUND: At Franklin Sherman, May 20 - - blue headband with the name CAITLIN and a soccer ball stitched on it. Email ericanoelstern@yahoo.com to claim it.

FOUND: Adidas Black McLean jacket. Size 9/10 with the #8. Could have been found at Spring Hill 5 or the Police Field.

FOUND: black McLean Adidas jacket with the #49 on it at the Police Field after Monday training. Please email Coach Jaon at mpsjaon@gmail.com.

FOUND: Found Green MYS Uniform, Size Youth Medium at Franklin Sherman Elementary on Saturday, May 6. Please emailchocoladehagelpuur@yahoo.com to claim it.

FOUND (4/29): O2 Cool Mist water bottle, Spring Hill Lower (a). Contact how.rubin@verizon.net to retrieve.

FOUND: Black Adidas jacket #25 at Police Field. Please contact spristerfamily@gmail.com

FOUND: Adidas soccer ball with the name "Nick" written on it at Police Field 4/4/17. Please email spristerfamily@gmail.com.

FOUND: I found a black jacket and black backpack after our game at one of the benches on SH2 Saturday, November 5. If anyone reports them missing, please email kssarver@gmail.com

FOUND at Lewinsville Park: green jersey #27 Youth XL. Please email fields@mcleansoccer.org to claim it.

FOUND: Size small green recreational MYS jersey at MYS field on Saturday 10/15. Between fields A and B. agfassbender@gmail.com

FOUND at Lewinsville Park: Green jersey # 26, adidas bag #16, YL adidas top # 20, YL adidas top # 19. If you want to claim one of these, please text 703-906-3555.

Lost Items
LOST: Spring Hill Rec # 2 - October 20 - GREEN shirt that says LMVC on the front and 21 on the back.
Please email <sillyshara7@gmail.com>

LOST: if anyone who had a practice at Lemon Road last week found a McLean Adidas Soccer backpack, #18 with a red bandana tied to the loop, please e-mail munsonea@gmail.com to help it find its way back home? FOUND!

LOST: My son lost his Apple Airpods on Wednesday evening at Lewinsville Park around 7:00PM. Please call or text Pascal at 202-359-9646 if you found them.

LOST: boys small adidas Training Jacket For MCLEAN # 35. Possibly at police field in Mclean. Please email toemail2thetran@gmail.com or text 202-579-1446. Thank you!

LOST at Spring Hill Rec # 5 - July - black megaboom speaker - if found, please email CindyE8@yahoo.com>

LOST at Spring Hill Elementary - June 2: Dark blue camp chair with built-in carrying strap; Red tote bag with red picnic blanket inside marvarowan@yahoo.com

Lost: Size 4 adidas Nativo soccer ball, name TEN SIETHOFF written on it. Email chocoladehagelpuur@yahoo.com if you found this ball.

LOST: On or about April14th, lost Black McLean Jacket #34 - has "Jack Mitchell" name on tag. If found, please call 202-270-5603 or email me at stmitche@gmail.com.

LOST: On April 18, 2018, at Police Field, we lost a black MYS backpack #10 and white #10 jersey size Youth 11-12. If found, please contact (703) 786-9039 or AldysL@aol.com.
LOST: Spring Hill Rec #5 - size 7 green northface fleece.If found, please email bdodd468@yahoo.com
LOST: Youth medium black and white adidas jacket - at Spring Hill Rec field 3 - if found, please email brandymehaffeylpc@comcast.net
LOST: Black McLean jacket - #1 - Small - if found please email saracino9@gmail.com
LOST: Black soccer bag with name Lineweaver and our phone number on it. Girl's green athletic jacket inside. Lost 4/11/18 at Spring Hill Rec Center fields. Email kerrielineweaver@gmail.com if found.
LOST; MYS Black Jacket - #29 - perhaps at Police field - email gcillizza@gmail.com if found.
LOST: youth (medium / large) black McLean travel soccer warm-up jacket #12. Believed to have left it in MHS small gym in March. Please contact Cindy Hendricks 928-257-7689 if found.

LOST: magenta & blue LLBean winter jacket (parka) at Lewinsville field after practice on Friday evening, March 9 - If found, please email christinemblaney@yahoo.com
LOST: SH3 - 3/8/2018 - green and black glasses. Email <jenn@benchmarkingcompany.com>
LOST: Training jacket - # 32 - Please contact Lisa at 703.981.2973 if found.

LOST: I have recently lost my McLean training jacket with the number 22 on it. I believe I lost it at Lewinsville Park or Linway. If found please email helmer22@gmail.com
LOST: yellow and purple size four ball. Name Sedaca (7037721937) on the ball. Email nmbibbins@yahoo.com if you have it. Thanks!
LOST: We left a bright Green UnderArmour 64 oz thermos at police field on Monday kapila_malhotra@hotmail.com
LOST - Black #6 training jacket at Lewinsville Field on 11/6. Please contact jeffreyecohen@me.com
LOST: Spring Hill Elementary - Ball has the name Tiago Studart on it. It was used in U8 boys rec games from 12pm to 1pm, but could not be found afterwards (probably picked up by someone else by accident during end-of-season team meetings).sarahfandell@me.com
LOST: We left a bright Green UnderArmour 64 oz thermos at police field on Monday. Should have Jack Mitchell and our number written on it. Please email stmitche@gmail.com or call 202-270-5603.
LOST: green windbreaker rain jacket at the Loudon fields yesterday, Oct. 29 after our 9:00 am game - email <krissyguidi@yahoo.com>

LOST: McLean Travel Soccer Bag, # 51 If found, please email Maria.Snyder@georgetown.edu
Contents: - full green "away game" kit, #51; - soccer ball, with "Katherine Snyder" written on it; - fluorescent green goalie gloves in black container bag; - clicker for toe touches
LOST: Llight grey sweatshirt from Jeff Cup, and it has a few motifs on it 'midfielder' etc - and her shirt number 34'. - re Cami Johnstone 01 ECNL Girls. If found, please email BDSUS-DAT-FMSCO1@mod.uk
LOST: #36 backpack on Spring Hill field. If found, please email Bekir Atahan <bekir.atahan@cleverspeck.com>
LOST: green windbreaker rain jacket at the Loudon fields yesterday, Oct. 29 after our 9:00 am game.krissyguidi@yahoo.com
LOST: lost a navy blue folding chair, Oct 22 at Linway. Sports Authority chair. email opemrp@dcmsmith.com
LOST: Week of October 23, black McLean Travel backpack - #36. It was likely left at the turf field at Spring Hill rec after practice. Email heidi.c.rodgers@gmail.com if found.
LOST: My son lost his Select Yellow size 5 soccer ball that has "Reed #13" on it at MYS Training on Monday October 2nd. Last seen in the back goal and then was not there at 10 pm. Please contact me at Bonnie@foo.vu if found (was a birthday present).
LOST: Missing a #47 travel jacket, youth large. May have left at Sheppard Elementary (playing DC Stoddert) on 10/1. If found, please contact Epmccarty@verizon.net.
LOST: Red LL Bean BACKPACK - white jersey and sweatshirt inside. Please emailbill.frisbie@outlook.com.
LOST: Team Soccer Bag with custom #5. Contents were white Adidas goalie gloves size 4 and a pair of contact lenses. Missing from a September Monday evening training at Police Field - 703-395-9610.
Lost: Black DC United string bag containing women's adult small McLean white jersey, socks, shorts #47. If found please call 301-873-2725.
Lost: (LP#2) One black Skechers sneaker - mxco2003@yahoo.com
LOST: #85 Bag with uniform. Please email franconeto@yahoo.com
LOST on Police Field: Under Armour Water Jug - with initials MRR. If found, please email fields@mcleansoccer.org
Lost on 9/10/17 - McLean black jacket size YS with #5 on it after 9:00 am game against Arlington at Williamsburg fields. If found, please contact krissyguidi@yahoo.com. FOUND!!

LOST: 7/28 at Lewinsville. Large black golf umbrella with "Concentus" logo.

LOST: Lewinsville Park - June 10, Puma ProCat Size 5 White/Blue/Green - If found, martin_lyon@yahoo.com

LOST: green and grey mesh drawstring backpack (Machine Aquatics) and the contents inside were: a pink and white soccer ball with Meredith written on it, shinguards, black Adidas knee socks, and a pair of children's neon green cleats. If found, please email ericanoelstern@yahoo.com Thanks! FOUND!!

LOST: May 6 2017, 9am U7 Girls game, Franklin Sherman field - Nike size 3 blue/grey soccer ball with "Chan" written in black all over. If found, please email keanechan@msn.com. Thanks!

LOST at MYS Field on Friday, May 19: Black travel backpack # 6 - PLEASE HELP - it has the player's inhaler and iphone. Contact riadmuwakki@hotmail.com if found.

LOST at Franklin Sherman, - r green MYS dry-fit jersey at the field. If anyone picked it up, please contact Coach at lplehenbauer@aol.com

LOST: McLean Adidas pants #27. Size M (I think) and most likely left at Police Field or Lewinsville Park. Please contact spristerfamily@gmail.com

LOST- girls MYS black warmup jacket (#34), size youth small or youth medium. Last seen on Police Field Monday, April 24th. If you find it, please let me know at jessicasartorius@aol.com.

LOST - Black Training jacket #15 at Lewinsville Park late March 2017. Contact murray360@msn.com if found

LOST: March 4, Lewinsville Park -FCV hoodie. If found, please email nmhaugens@aol.com