MYS Specialty Camps Provides Special Opportunities for Players

During the week of July 11, MYS campers were treated to very special opportunities. MYS is very proud of the relationship that we have with Celtic FC. At the Celtic camp, three Celtic FC Coaches traveled from Scotland to work with our campers. In the evening, MYS hosted the ECNL camp for our elite girls. In addition to an excellent opportunity for all of the players, MYS offered a special College Track. In this unique opportunity, the College Track players had the opportunity to receive information about colleges, the conferences in which the college participates, and the basic education requirements. Additionally, the players had an opportunity to participate in a typical college practice. The younger players saw what it is to participate in an ECNL environment.

Thank you to the Celtic FC and College coaches who took the time to help provide this exciting opportunity for our players!

Pictured below:

(Left) Celtic FC Coaches with Caitlin Moon - MYS player who was selected to travel to Scotland at Celtic ID Camp.

(Right) ECNL College Track players with Columbia University coach.

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