Travel Program Details


The McLean Youth Soccer professional technical staff is led by Director of Soccer, Keith Tabatznik, and Technical Director, Clyde Watson. Along with Goalkeeper Director, John Szaro, and Player Development Director, Jaime Moreno, the leadership is rounded out with Age Group Directors, Jamil Faryadi, Jaon Ahmad and Jamil Walker. Please read more about this staff on their bio page.

Please refer to the Travel Staff page for detailed coach information.


The MYS training Philosophy is based on the decision that playing an attractive, attacking way, will produce the highest percentage of skillful, thoughtful players.

Style of play will be skillful, creative, attractive, and possession oriented. Defensively we will press and exhibit a win it back mentality.

Coaches are teachers first. Our coaches must be age appropriate communicators. The coaches our younger teams (8-12) will be good demonstrators, have a positive influence, and be team builders. For our older teams, coaches will be motivators, understand the physical demands of the modern game, and be able to read the "details" in the match.

Curriculum / coaching content: we will use our MYS philosophy and the US Soccer curriculum as resources. However, we have introduced our coaching Portal, where all of our teaching information will be stored and is available to all MYS coaches on a daily basis. MYS will continually provide on-going coaching education opportunities for our staff to ensure their maximum development to serve our players.

Specific information about MYS Player Development Pathways can be found here: MYS Player Development Pathways

CALENDAR OVERVIEW : Details to be provided by head coach via email mid-late summer.



All McLean travel teams practice at least 2 days per week. The following teams also participate in Monday night training as it is included in their registration fees:

  • U9 - U12: all teams
  • U13 - U18 Girls: ECNL and Green teams only
  • U13 - U19 Boys: ECNL and Green teams only

An additional day of practice is highly recommended. Practice attendance is mandatory. Discuss any/all conflicts that arise with your coach. Participation in other sports is allowed, but must be discussed with coach for conflict guidelines.

Games and Tournaments: Attendance at all team events is mandatory.

Self-Care: Players are ultimately responsible for their health including proper fitness, rest and nutrition. MYS staff will assist players in maximizing their abilities to take on this responsibility.

TOURNAMENTS: The recommended number of tournaments will be determined by age and ability level. The head coach will inform the team as to the approximate number of tournaments they will participate in throughout each season. The Technical Direcor (TD) and the Agre Groups Directors (AGDs) will determine which tournaments the club will participate in. The objective will be to have all of our teams attend the same tournaments if practical. As a general guide U9-12 teams participate in 4-6 tournaments per year. U13-19 teams participate in 4-8 tournaments per year.

INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: McLean Youth Soccer provides opportunities for teams to travel internationally over spring break and summer for the U13 and U16 age groups. These are excellent opportunities to expand the player's cultural and developmental horizons. Please visit the International Travel page for more details, including news and photos from recent trips.

COMMUNICATION - MYS encourages open channels of communication available to any player or parent. We do ask that a 24-hour waiting period be respected before reaching out to discuss a game issue. The club policy is below:

Travel Program Communication Policy

The McLean Youth Soccer Travel Program has a network of staff to support its members. A chain of communication has been established to help address member's issues or concerns. In the event that a parent, player or member has a technical or administrative issue or concern, please follow the process below. If a resolution is not identified, please move to the next level of escalation. Please allow for a reasonable response time.

  • First Level of Escalation: Team Coach (technical); Team Manager (administrative)
  • Second Level of Escalation: Age Group Director (technical); Travel Administator (administrative)
  • Third Level of Escalation: Technical Director, Clyde Watson ( and/or Director of Soccer (
  • Fourth Level of Escalation: Executive Director, Louise Waxler (

FEES - please refer to the Travel Registration Page for a list of club fees per season. TEAM fees vary by team. Team manager and treasurer will provide details.