McLean ECNL Coaching Staff

McLean Youth Soccer's ECNL teams are professionally coached and trained by some of the most experienced and successful coaches in youth soccer. A primary aim of the ECNL platform is to improve the training-to-game ratio for elite players by providing consistent, meaningful, high-quality games appropriately spaced between an optimal number of practices to engender a cycle of learning.

MYS shares the ECNL's belief that a player's daily soccer environment is critical for developing skills and habits. As a result, quality coaching is the foundation of our program.

McLean Youth Soccer - ECNL Coaching Staff - 2018-19

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Age Group / Birth Year

Head Coach

U13 / 2006
Jenny McMahon
U14 / 2005
Clyde Watson
U15 / 2004
Cindi Harkes
U16 / 2003
Brent Leiba
U17 / 2002
Nadir Moumen
U18 / U19 / 01/00
Brent Leiba