Frequently Asked Questions

Which MYS teams will be participating in the CCL?

  • U9 and U10 Boys and Girls - Green Team and White Team
  • U11 - U18 Boys and Girls - Green Team (White teams may participate in CCL II)

Will other MYS players who are not on these teams be allowed to 'guest play' / 'club pass' in a CCL game?

Yes - there are some restrictions, but this is permitted by the league.

How many games are typically scheduled each season?

There are typically 7-9 league games scheduled per season. In addition, there will be Showcase events.

When is the CCL season?

  • U15 - U18: Season begins in September and runs through the end of March.
  • U11 - U14: Two distinct seasons - Fall (September through November). Spring (March through May)

Do we play games at the same time as other age groups?

Typically, all MYS teams will play on the same day on nearby fields. The league is a club-to-club league.

How far will we need to travel for games?

The League consists of teams throughout DC, MD and VA.The majority of teams are in the DC Metro area.However, the club will travel for at least one league game each year (this year we travel to Beach FC), and there will be travel for "Showcases".

Can a team play in the CCL and in another league like NCSL or WAGS?

No, VYSA (the state association) does not permit teams to play in two leagues in VYSA.

Can a PLAYER play in the CCL and in another league?

Yes - a player can play with an NCSL / WAGS / ODSL team, and guest play with another team in the club to play in a CCL game. There are also rules and opportunities for other leagues, such as EDP. Please check with the Technical Directors and/or Travel Administrator for details.

Are there roster limits for CCL teams?

Yes - as with all leagues, there are roster limits and game day roster limits.

Who will coach the CCL games?

Typically, the Green team coach will coach all CCL games.

In the U9-U12 age groups, how does the addition of CCL games affect the player pools and coaching structure?

Practice, player pools and coaching structures remain quite similar to previous seasons.

In the U9-12 age groups, all 3-4 teams within an age group will continue to train on the same field during the week.

Green teams will be participating in the CCL, and players on the White and Gold teams have the opportunity to use the 'club pass' to play in a CCL game if the technical staff determines it to be appropriate.

Green team players on the CCL roster will not be able to participate in White or Gold team league games.

The Lead / Green coach will typically coach all CCL games, and also attend as many White and Gold team games as possible.

If you have additional questions, please email traveladmin@mcleansoccer.org